The Adventure Begins

Hello, everyone! Welcome to my new blog! Over the next few weeks, I will chronicle my adventures overseas in Santiago, Chile as I attend a Spanish university there and experience a whole new culture. Check back often for pictures and updates as I visit different sites around the country and keep you informed of what I have seen and what I have learned during my time in South America. This will also be the home for Raging Goblin Painting, so if you like wargaming miniatures, you can check to see what I have painted, and what I will be working on in the future.

On to today’s post. I leave for my trip tomorrow, and am busy packing and preparing for my flight tomorrow evening. I won’t be near a computer for a while, so there won’t be any updates on the trip until I arrive in Santiago. Expect an update from me either on Sunday or Monday night. Until then, God bless, and stay well!



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