Bienvenidos a Santiago

After a lovely twelve hours spent in coach, one layover, and plenty of paperwork later, I have finally arrived in Santiago, and BOY has it been a busy day! After I got off the plane and went through immigration, I met up with two of my friends who were on the same flight and we met up with the rest of the group that was headed to the school. I have to say, nothing felt cooler than seeing my friends again after so long and being able to talk to them again. After everyone was at the school, we walked to a restaurant called LeFournil for lunch, and I had my first experience with Chilean cuisine. It was amazing! For starters I had a small salad with ranch dressing, mozzarella cheese, chicken, black olives, and bacon bits. For the main course, we has roast pork and roasted potatoes with chives, and for dessert we had a sort of lemon custard with whipped cream and mint. To wash the whole lot down, I had a glass of mango juice, which was pretty much blended mango. It was very sweet, but it was sure good! From what my professor told us at the restaurant, the whole meal was about 20 USD, which is a little pricey for a poor traveler, but if I have enough left, I’ll definitely go back again! After lunch we walked back to the school, where we were given the rundown of the events for the next two weeks. Tomorrow we will be having a barbecue at the school after classes, and over the weekend we will be heading to the Vina del Mar for some sightseeing. The days are certainly going to be packed, and although this is all new, strange, and a bit terrifying to me, I think the next few weeks are going to be very fun, interesting, and informative! Until next time, God bless and stay well!



One thought on “Bienvenidos a Santiago”

  1. ¡Felicitaciones, Joe! ¡Que rica comida para su primer día! ¡Espero que es un señal de días excelentes y experiencias fabulosas que te esperan en los días próximos! ~ Jessica


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