The Raging Goblin Paints #9: Trencher Master Gunner

I know, I said I’d finish the Rifle Grenadiers and the Thumper Crew first, but my last review got me thinking, and I decided to paint a Master Gunner so that I would have a little extra support once I get the Thumper Crew finished. The Thumper Crew is in the works, but I won’t have pictures of it up until the unit is fully completed. In the meantime, enjoy this guy, who is one of the many named models in my army. To be proper, this is Master Gunner Lyle “Fuse” Ironside, a veteran of the gunnery corps with the ability to tear down any gun, clean it up, and put it back together so that it works even better than it did before. He is well-known for something he calls his “special sauce,” a strange alchemical mixture that works as a powerful solvent, lubricant, and coolant that keeps the Trenchers’ guns clean and working at maximum efficiency, and in a pinch can be mixed with the whiskey rations to make something that would even give a Trollkin a nasty hangover. Fuse here also has some special significance for me, as he was one of my first Warmachine miniatures ever, and was bought with the plastic Mule kit and Miss Kitty from Infinity, who you may remember from one of my older reviews.




(No, that dark spot on his coat isn’t a paint smear, it’s a shadow cast by his sword)


Don’t worry, the Rifle Grenadiers and Thumper Crew will be coming soon enough. There’s one R.G. done and the Crew’s Powder Grunt is completed, so both have only two more models left before they’re completed. Stay tuned for more updates from the front lines, and I will see you in the next review/update!

-The Raging Goblin



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