WarmaZone #29: Poxwalkers

Now, after finishing the WarmaZone rules for Imperial, I WAS planning on putting out my rules for the Kharadron Overlords, the new steampunk dwarves from Age of Sigmar. However, something else came up that threw a bit of a wrench into those plans. That something was the release of Warhammer 40,000: Dark Imperium. Now, we’ve got a brand-new slew of Space Marines raring to do battle, and a new plastic swarm of Death Guard ready to plunge the rest of the galaxy into decay. While I am one of the rare few that likes the new Primaris Marines, they’re just a bit too fancy and high-tech to fit into the gritty, filthy battlefields of Warmachine. If there’s enough demand, I could make rules for them, but it’s not especially pressing. The Death Guard on the other hand are perfect, and look like something that would come from the polluted battlefields of Lore, whether failed bio-weapons or soldiers corrupted by some sort of nasty chemical weapon. Their releases are still coming, but you can get the minis from my WarmaZone postings from the Dark Imperium boxed set, or from any Games Workshop store. To get a proverbial taste of what we’ll be getting with the Death Guard, we’ll begin with their meat shields and disposable troops, the absolutely disgusting Poxwalkers.


(Dark Imperium models)


(Easy-To-Build models)

By the way, all credit goes to Games Workshop for creating these horrors and writing their rules. Like with Imperial before it, I’m just trying to stoke creativity. I have to give GW credit for something else: when they want to intentionally make something horrible and disgusting, they do NOT disappoint.

Anyway, onto the rules:

  • Unit Composition: 1 Leader, 5-9 Grunts
  • Cost: 3/5 points
  • Force Allocation: Unlimited
  • Stats: SPD-4, STR-5, MAT-5, RAT-4, DEF-12, ARM-10, CMD-4, HP-1
  • Weapons:

-Improvised Weapon: RNG-0.5, POW-3, P+S-8

  • Special Rules:

-Curse of the Walking Pox: When a Poxwalker removes a living enemy warrior model from play with a melee attack, you may add one Poxwalker to the unit that does not activate until the next turn.

-Gang Fighter


Poxwalkers are incredibly bare-bones (no pun intended), and mostly exist to soak up enemy fire and keep the bullets off of their Plague Marine overlords. They are one of the cheapest units available anywhere, and they are FA:U, letting you absolutely bloat your army list with these guys and provide plenty of cannon fodder on the field. They also possess Tough (reworded from their original rule, Disgustingly Resilient), so they can stand right back up after eating a hail of lead and keep on providing that protection for your in-field troops. Gang Fighter makes their lackluster MAT and melee weapon all the more terrifying, as swarms of these guys can pile onto enemy troops and simply beat them into pulp. Their trademark rule is Curse of the Walking Pox, which will appeal to Cryx players. Whenever a Poxwalker kills a living enemy warrior model in melee, you can add one new Poxwalker to the unit that will activate the next turn. Essentially, after toughing it through a turn of shooting, you can charge the Poxwalkers in and start hacking, and you can replenish your lost troops with ease, getting your shield wall back up and ready for the next turn. The thing with Poxwalkers is that they are a really annoying unit for your opponent to fight, as they must be COMPLETELY destroyed in order to get them off the field, or else they will never stop coming. This opens the way for some interesting enemy strategies, as they have to decide between dealing with the Poxwalkers right off the bat, or going around them and risk them catching their troops in the back. Ah, the beauty of horde units.

Next time, we’ll look at the Death Guard proper and see what their trademark Plague Marines have to offer. And don’t worry, the Overlords will be coming soon. I never like leaving things unfinished. See you next time!

-The Raging Goblin


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