The Raging Goblin Paints #7

This took WAY too long to finish, but I’m happy that this little project is finally done. Presenting the Scattergunner Officer and Standard. You may remember the Standard Bearer from a few posts back, but the Officer is a new piece that I started back in May and never got around to finishing. Well, until now that is. This was certainly a fun piece to paint, though that Whelp sitting on his helmet gave me a bit of grief.





And now, you can see what the completed CA looks like assembled and painted:


Now that the summer’s here, I’m hoping to get a little more work done on my models, so expect to see even more painted pieces in the future. See you in the next update!


2 thoughts on “The Raging Goblin Paints #7”

  1. Would you be able to take another set of pictures? The two shots are out of focus unfortunately. From what I can tell, it looks good but would like to check out the details.


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