WarmaZone #28: Capitol Bully/Emancipator Combat Plane/Errata

…What? You didn’t think I’d completely given up on this, did you? There’s still a lot of WarmaZone to cover, and I want to share my work with you to add to your crossover games. Anyway, we’ve got a two-for-one special to cover the newest releases from Prodos Games. The first is specifically for Imperial, and it is the Capitol Bully, the light variant of their trademark heavy tank, the Bauhaus Bully. These hulks were designed for Imperial by the former Bauhaus affiliate, Feldhaus, but where their old design known as the Grizzly was designed as a mobile fortress, the Bully is designed as a mobile artillery piece for cracking through heavy armor.



  • Unit Composition: 1 Battle Engine
  • Cost: 19 points
  • Force Allocation: 2
  • Stats: SPD-3, STR-10, MAT-5, RAT-6, DEF-10, ARM-19, HP-20
  • Weapons:

-100mm Rifled Main Gun: RNG-12, ROF-2, AOE-4, POW-14


-Hull-Mounted Charger HMG X2: RNG-10, ROF-D3, POW-12

Point Blank

  • Special Rules:

-Battle Engine


-Head Gunner (10 pts): This model gains Artillerist


-Smoke Grenades (Action, 5 pts)

This one is pretty straightforward for a battle engine, little more than a massive gun on tracks designed for punching through heavy armor and laying enemy warjacks and tanks to waste. For a backup weapon it has a pair of Charger HMGs mounted on the front for warding off infantry and lighter-armored units, but this is best used as a last resort. Due to its incredibly low speed, the Bully is mostly relegated to the rear lines to provide fire support, rather than fighting in the front lines. For some extra options, you can upgrade it with a set of smoke launchers for laying down protection for friendly infantry, or you can upgrade it with a master gunner to improve its accuracy with the main gun or boost the ranged attacks of friendly AOE guns in its range.

Second is the Emancipator combat plane, a brand-new battle engine designed by the Guild similar to the Mule. This is the second flying unit in Warzone, and the first flying battle engine available to the armies of Warmachine, and it certainly mixes things up on the battle field.


  • Unit Composition: 1 Battle Engine
  • Cost: 12 points
  • Force Allocation: 2
  • Stats: SPD-7, STR-10, MAT-4, RAT-5, DEF-12, ARM-20, HP-15
  • Weapons:

-Chain Gun: RNG-10, ROF-D3, POW-12

Tracer: If this weapon hits its initial target, the target loses cover bonuses against other attacks made by this model.

-Spidershredder HMG X2: RNG-10, ROF-D3, POW-10

Armor Piercing


-Hedgetrimmer Cluster Rockets X2: RNG-10, ROF-1, AOE-3, POW-11

Grievous Wounds

  • Special Rules:

-Airplane: This model must always move a minimum of its current SPD. It ignores effects that would keep it from moving.

-Battle Engine




-Mercenary: This model will work for the Cygnar, Khado, Cryx, Crusaders, Imperial (MOW), Imperial (Wolfbanes), and Free Peoples

-Still Flying: If the model is reduced to 5 wounds, it suffers -3 SPD. Attacks that only do damage to models with Flight only do 1 die of damage against it.

The main thing to know about the Emancipator is that it’s fast and not very easy to control, mainly due to its size and the power of the engines required to move the hulk. It has an uncommon SPD of 7, meaning it can get to anywhere on the battlefield very quickly, but it must always move a minimum of seven inches on the battlefield. Unlike infantry, who can only move a couple of inches before attacking, the Emancipator shoots across the battlefield and strafes whatever happens to get in its way. If you’re using the plane, you must need to plan out your movements carefully, just like flying a real plane, in order to ensure you get to the right location and hit your target. This is also a pro of the model, as its immune to stationary and knockdown effects, meaning even if your army ends up frozen due to Sorscha’s feat or something similar, the plane can keep going and fighting while your footsloggers thaw out. For armaments, your secondary arm is a pair of chain guns mounted on the nose that fire tracer rounds. They’re not especially powerful, but they work much like the Mark Target ability, letting the Emancipator pick out its targets with greater accuracy. Once you’ve got your target picked out, you can lay into it with one of the Emancipator’s primary arms. The Spidershredder HMGs are a pair of brutal machine guns with the Armor Piercing ability that exist to blow through enemy armor. If you hadn’t guessed by the name, these guns proved their worth when they blew through a horde of Dark Legion Wolf Spiders during the plane’s first deployment. The second weapon is the Hedgetrimmer Rocket Battery, an AOE attack with Grievous Wounds that lets the Emancipator shred infantry. It’s fast, cheap, and hits like a Mack truck, but it’s not incredibly strong and can’t stand for very long in a prolonged dogfight. Unlike a lot of other battle engines, it operates more like the Storm Raptor, relying on its speed to keep it out of danger.

Finally, we’ve got a small errata update for you, just so you stay on top of things.

-The Fenris Bikers’ Carrier rule has been replaced with Transport (1). This means that a model can spend an action to board the transport, and while on board it benefits from the transport’s ARM and DEF, and cannot make attacks. The transport can then spend an action for the rider to disembark, and the rider is placed in B2B, but cannot activate until the next turn. If the transport is destroyed, the rider is thrown D3″ away. The rider can no longer make attacks while on board.

-Hunter’s Intuition (Golden Lions) no longer requires a CMD check. Instead, they can automatically charge models that ended their activation within 4″.

-Dissension no longer applies to any models.

-Stormtrenchers are knocked down if they end their activation under Jet Pack in rough terrain, no longer requiring a CMD check.

-Nose to the Wind works the same as Hunter’s Intuition now, only with a range of 6″.

-The Greyhound LAFV and Hedgehog Necromower have lost Battle Engine and have instead become Solos with the Light Cavalry rule. In addition, the Greyhound now has Girded.

-The Mule’s Carrier rule now works like this: While in B2B with this model, friendly small- and medium-based warrior models gain Sacrificial Pawn (Mule APC). It also gained the new rule Assault Ramp: Once per turn at any time, the Mule can move friendly small- and medium-based warrior models in B2B with it up to 3″.

That’s all for the time being. Stay tuned for even more from the mixed-up worlds of WarmaZone! God’s blessings on the rest of your week, and I’ll see you in the next update.

-The Raging Goblin


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