Update: The Future of WarmaZone

Hello everybody! Nothing special this time, just an update. WarmaZone is still going strong, and I thank you all for your support in this endeavor of mine. I hope most of you have gotten the chance to pit your Warzone forces against the armies of Immoren, and if you have, please share your stories. Anyway, this update is just a teaser to let you know what’s still coming up. Thanks to the completion of Wyrd Miniatures’ kickstarter, the Other Side, Imperial will be getting some new units, heroes, and their very own Colossal to use. Officially, from Prodos games, we still have a few character solos on the horizon, as well as three new battle engines, one a character, to use in your army lists. We also have a new Guild battle engine, and a character solo to use in your existing armies. Once this has been finished, we’ll turn our attention to the Mortal Realms and take a look at the Kharadron Overlords, the new Dwarf faction that takes the fight to the air and breathes new life into existing Rhulic miniatures, who will now be Partisan (Rhulic). After them, we have the Dark Legion to look at, and (as a side note) hopefully this will coincide with the official release of the Grymkin, as ALL Grymkin models can be hired by the Dark Legion as Voidborn, a special Dark Legion-only mercenary/minion class. Lastly, we’ll be boosting your existing Warmachine forces with three special new unit lists: the Last Legion for Cygnar, the Iron Reich for Khador, and the Crusaders for Protectorate of Menoth. Lastly, but by no means least, are two new Hordes factions for you. The first is the Warboys of Kurg, who are the orcs, and the Wood Elves, who can work alongside Circle Orboros. And, of course, there will be plenty of other little treats thrown inside to further boost your lists. I hope you all liked Niko and Holo as character solos, and there will be more to come. Now that’s all out of the way, what do we have to look forward to in the future? This is a rough list of what to expect, but I can’t promise this will be all in order. This is only to give you an idea of what I’m working on and what’s coming. As for my ACTUAL hobby, I hope to get back into that soon enough. With the semester wrapping up and the end of the year in sight, I should have enough motivation to keep painting and building to finish my army. My Trolls and Trenchers are still mostly unpainted, and I have a lot of ground to cover. Anyway, here’s the list of upcoming releases, in no particular order.


  • Heroes:

-High Chieftain Morten Oakenfist

-Jakob Lynch, President of Imperial

-Kassa Okoye

-Lieutenant Charles Edmonton

-Margaret Belle, Specter of the VRS

  • Troops:


-Dragoon Gunners

-Forward Observation Corps



-Line Infantry

-War Trombone Crew

  • Solos:

-Lieutenant Francis Kemp

-Motor Scout

-Sergeant Major Levi Murphy

-Sergeant Michael McBride


-Sheila MacGregor

-Victoria Lynch, the Imperial Serenity

  • Warjacks:









  • Colossals:

-King’s Hand

  • Battle Engines:

-Legion Bully Ironclad

-Reich Bully Ironclad

-Seamus “Shameless” Fergan

Kharadron Overlords

  • Heroes:

-Brokk Grungsson, Lord Magnate of Barak-Nar

  • Troops:

-Arkanaut Section

-Grundstok Thunderers


  • Solos:

-Aether Chemist

-Aetheric Navigator

-Arkanaut Admiral


  • Battle Engines:

-Arkanaut Frigate

-Arkanaut Ironclad

-Grundstok Gunhauler

Dark Legion

  • Army Lists:

-Berserkers of Algeroth

-Consorts of Ilian

  • Heroes:

-Alakhai the Cunning

-Alakhai Ascendant

-Golgotha, Mistress of Pain

-Kerheela, Nepharite of Ilian

-Kurzada, the Seductress

-Supreme Commander Balkazar

-Valpurgius, Archmagus of Algeroth

  • Troops:

-Cable Marionettes

-Children of Ilian

-Hellfire Carronade Crew



-Necromutant Leaders


-Praetorian Rippers

-Praetorian Stalkers

-Scions of Ilian


-Triangled Templars

-Temple Vanguards

-Undead Legionnaires

-Wild Huntsmen of Ilian

  • Solos:

-Fabien Von Holle, Heretic Leader

-High Templar

-John Baptiste

-Karak the Keeper

-Nasca Razide

-Necrobeast Rider

-Nepharite of Algeroth

-Nepharite of Ilian

-Praetorian Goliath


-The Beloved

  • Warbeasts:

-Agony Golem

-Mercurian Maculator

-Praetorian Behemoth

  • Battle Engines:

-Black Widow

-Temple of the Mistress

-Temple of the Void

-Wolf Spider

Last Legion

  • Army Lists:

-Armored Fist

-Assault Corps

-Black Ops

-Death from Above

-Engineer Battalion

-Line Infantry

  • Heroes:

-Captain John Turnbull

-Director Lydia Feathertail

  • Troops:

-Airborne Grenadiers

-Banshee Air Cavalry

-Banshee Linebreakers

-Canine Team

-Canine Investigation Dog

-Field Intelligence Corps


-Heavy Infantry

-Heavy Infantry Officer and Rocketeer

-Trailblazer Steambikes

  • Solos:

-Captain Henry Thomas

-Captain Vince “Fell” Harland

-Florence Graham, the Iron Lady

-Lieutenant Chuck Robbins

-Senior Chief Jeffrey Jacobs

-Willa Shaw, the Blue Shark


  • Warjacks:


  • Battle Engines:

-Bassett Tankette

-General Conveyer

-Terrier Ironclad


  • Solos:

-Detective Nathan Castle

-High Priest Salazar Strega

-Simon Darius

-Tombstone the Gravedigger

  • Battle Engines:

-Emancipator Combat Plane


Well, that’s really all there is to spoil for right now. Is there anything in particular you’d like to see once I’ve finished the entries for Imperial? If you’ve got an idea for the next WarmaZone, leave a comment below, and it may just be the next installment. God’s blessings on your week, and stay cool!



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