WarmaZone Stat Cards #1: Holo

No update for WarmaZone YET, but it will be coming soon. To make these customized units, solos, battle engines, and warjacks more official, I thought it would be nice to have some stat cards, so that you have a concrete reference point for using them in games of Warmachine and Hordes. All credit goes to Soul Samurai, who created the custom card generator, and to Prodos Games for creating Warzone Resurrection. For the first installment, we have both cards for Holo the Wise Wolf (Human and Wolf forms). Her human form miniature can be purchased off of Hero Forge with the following URL: https://www.heroforge.com/load_config=271826. Her wolf form can be represented with any Wolf model big enough to fit on a 50mm base.

Holo1 Human Stat Card

Holo1 Wolf Stat Card

Give ’em a try, and let me know how it all works out! I’ll see you all next time for WarmaZone #26, and remember, you still have an opportunity to guess who the mystery mini is going to be. Hmmm…thinking about it gives me a taste for pancakes…



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