WarmaZone #25: Isaac Alfreds/Security Agents

Time for yet another installment of WarmaZone for your Imperial army lists, and as much as I hate to admit it, we’re slowly nearing the end. There’s only a few more solos, warjacks, and one warcaster left to go, and once those are done, it’s going to be a matter of time until Prodos releases the rest of the models they teased in the 2.0 rule book. When these models are released, I’ll be releasing their rules for WarmaZone, as there isn’t any point in having rules for models you don’t even have. Anyway, today’s post is another two-for-one special, with another Doomtrooper and more Guild troopers to hire for your existing Imperial or Warmachine army. First off is Isaac Alfreds, another veteran of the Blood Berets and currently only available in a two-pack with Gordon Slythe:


Where other Imperial Doomtroopers are noble and heroic individuals, Alfreds is the opposite. He used to operate in the same unit as Drougan, but after his induction into the Doomtroopers, the unit was disbanded and most of them went their own ways. He eventually met up with Brigadier Rist and his daughter Angela after working alone for months for a siege on the dark citadel of Alakhai, but things didn’t go all according to plan. Angela was killed, while Rist and Alfreds barely escaped with their lives. The two returned to active service soon after, but the scars ran deep. Rist was deeply upset at the loss of his only child, while Alfreds, who had begun to have feelings for Angela while working with her, turned to heavy drinking to forget about what could have been. Now recruited into the Guild Doomtroopers due to recognition for his somehow still-intact skills, Isaac is a loose cannon that only accepts the most dangerous missions his employers can offer and drinking the night away when off duty. While he’s still a capable soldier, it’s only a matter of time before his recklessness reunites him with his lost love in the afterlife.

  • Unit Composition: 1 Solo
  • Cost: 8 points
  • Force Allocation: Character
  • Stats: SPD-5, STR-9, MAT-10, RAT-8, DEF-13, ARM-16, CMD-9, HP-8
  • Weapons:

-Intruder Carbine: RNG-9, ROF-1, POW-11

Grievous Wounds

-Betsy: RNG-1, POW-4, P+S-13

Critical Shred

  • Special Rules:

-Alchemical Mask

-Blessed by the Drougans: This model gains +2 ARM when targeted by an offensive spell.

-Ever Ready: Alfreds may make a ranged attack against any enemy model that ends its activation within 6” of him, even if he already activated. If he misses, the enemy takes a POW-10 damage roll.

-Mercenary: This model will work for Cygnar, Khador, Cryx, Crusaders, Imperial (MOW), Imperial (Wolfbanes), and Free Peoples

-Monster Hunter

-Partisan (Imperial)



-Vendetta (Dark Legion)

Alfreds is the definition of a glass cannon, an absolute beast in melee without much in the way of defense to keep himself alive when the chips are down. His MAT and STR stats are absolutely ridiculous, meaning that if your opponent isn’t an acrobat, Alfreds will hit his target. His RAT isn’t bad either, which works well with his quite powerful Intruder Carbine, firing thermite rounds that inflict deadly burns on his targets. SPD and DEF are about average and ARM is befitting of a heavily-armored solo, but it won’t keep him alive for very long without support. He’s good when paired up with other units to soak up enemy fire, but if he’s played too far ahead, he won’t last very long. For weapons, he has a standard-issue L&A Carbine that most Blood Berets carry and a modified chain-ripper he’s named Betsy. His gun isn’t too spectacular on its own, but Grievous Wounds is good for shutting down Tough infantry, and works well against Cygnaran Trenchers, Farrow Brigands, or Trolls. Betsy is more powerful than a normal chain ripper and has critical shred, which when combined with his rules, makes him as brutal as Maximus or other melee units at close range. Like all Blood Berets, he has Alchemical Mask, Monster Hunter, Pathfinder, Prowl, and Vendetta (Dark Legion), making him an expert at sneaking around the enemy to stick them in the back with his chainsword, but there’s still more fun to have. When he was still just a member of the Blood Berets, he was gifted a scrimshaw charm crafted by the Drougans which grants him protection against enemy spells. It’s not exactly Sacred Ward, but it helps grant him a little more protection when enemy spellslingers try to kill him. Ever Ready lets you pick off ambushing infantry by letting Alfreds pop off shots from his carbine at troops that get too close. It’s just another way of keeping Weapon Masters off of Alfreds, but with only one shot per turn, it’s not going to keep him alive without other troops around to pull the enemy off of him. Your best bet for using Alfreds is to take him in the MOW army list so you can buy sponsorship that will help to keep him alive, or bring along support units in your mercenary force to protect him or improve his pitiful defense. On his own, he’s a powerful glass cannon that’s a nightmare against warbeasts, but for his high point cost, he isn’t worth it without the right backup.

For our second portion, we have the Guild’s Security Agents, a unit with weapon attachments that you can hire out to your Warmachine armies. These men and women are specially trained by the Guild to protect their employers and potential assets at all costs, even throwing themselves into the line of fire to keep their clients alive.


  • Unit Composition: 1 Leader, 2-5 Grunts
  • Cost: 7/13 points
  • Force Allocation: 3
  • Stats: SPD-5, STR-6, MAT-7, RAT-7, DEF-12, ARM-12, CMD-6, HP-1
  • Weapons:

-Mongoose SMG: RNG-9, ROF-1, POW-11

-Combat Knife: RNG-0.5, POW-1, P+S-7

  • Special Rules:

-Bug Sweep (Action): Remove trap or bomb tokens within 2” of this model. After using this action, roll a D6. On a roll of 1-3, the model is knocked down.

-For the Employer: This model uses the rules of its employing army.

-Hidden Agenda: This model cannot interact with objectives or control table zones.

-Mercenary: This model will work for Cygnar, Khador, Cryx, Crusaders, Imperial (MOW), Imperial (Wolfbanes), and Free Peoples.

-Sentry: Models in this squad can perform a ranged attack against enemy models that end their activation within 8” for free, even if they already activated.

-Shield Guard

You’re not looking at much out of the box, but the Security Agents’ special rules make them worth it when taking them with a Warmachine faction or dedicated mercenary force. Their offensive stats are above average, letting them reliably hit their targets, but their DEF and ARM are downright pitiful, meaning they will die to unboosted blast damage and should NOT be played right on the front lines, instead keeping them back by their controlling warcaster. Like the Ogrun Bokur they can jump in the way of incoming enemy fire to take a bullet for their employer, though they won’t be able to take more than one hit when fired upon. Still, with up to six troops per unit of these guys you can take, that’s up to six free shots they can take for you, or more if your dice rolls are lucky. Like Alfreds they have the Sentry ability, letting them take shots at troops that get too close and keeping stronger melee troops away from their clients. They have little to no melee punch, but their guns will keep lightly-armored troops off and keep their client out of the press of melee. Bug Sweep is another useful ability, especially with so many booby traps and other special-effect tokens available in WarmaZone. Lots of units and solos can put down tokens that provide special effects, and the Security Agents can take them down to keep your warcaster from wandering into booby traps or prevent your enemy from gaining their benefits. For the Employer is more of a scenario rule, but it makes the Security Agents more versatile on the battlefield, letting them benefit from  the special abilities of their employer. If they’re working for Cryx, they become Undead. If they’re working for Cygnar’s Storm Division, they gain immunity to electricity, or Tough if they’re working with the Trenchers. If they’re working or Khador, they become immune to Cold. Just like the Mule before them, they change completely depending on who they’re working for, meaning Security Agents working for one army will be different from Agents working for another faction. If you want to grant them a bit of melee punch to supplement their lackluster melee game, they have a weapon attachment in the form of the Guard Dogs, pictured with them above.

  • Unit Composition: 1 Weapon Attachment
  • Cost: 3 points
  • Force Allocation: 3
  • Stats: SPD-7, STR-8, MAT-8, RAT-4, DEF-14, ARM-11, CMD-9, HP-1
  • Weapons:

-Surgically Enhanced Jaws: RNG-0.5, POW-2, P+S-10

Anatomical Precision

  • Special Rules:

-Attachment (Security Agents)




Like their handlers they have amazing offensive and poor defensive stats, letting them hit their targets reliably, but can’t take much damage when the bullets start flying. The real purpose of the Guard Dogs is to keep melee troops off of your security agents, jumping at the enemies and biting at their necks like police German Shepherds. They won’t be soaking up a lot of bullets, but they’re useful if you need to keep a Doom Reaver from trying to cut your agents’ heads off. For 3 points a pop, they’re not stellar, but for keeping your Security Agents alive, they’re worth the price of admission.

Next time on WarmaZone, we’ll look at NCO Benjamin Taylor, currently the only other available solo for Imperial, and look at a few more warjacks. Look for a surprise in the next post as well, as I have another character solo for both your Warmachine AND Hordes armies. Who is it? Well, I won’t say here, but you can guess. Just remember, you only have one shot. One. Shot.

Also, I decided to put up a formal list of all the codexes that I will be releasing once I finish Imperial. This is just a tentative order and things may change, so don’t go planning ahead just yet. Just stay tuned for more updates, and I assure you, they’ll all be done sooner or later.

  • Crusaders
  • Dark Legion
  • Free Peoples of Kira (Mishima)
  • Iron Reich (Khador/Bauhaus)
  • Last Legion (Cygnar/Capitol)
  • Newerth Council (Cybertronic)
  • Overlords of Rhul (Dwarves)
  • Warboys of Kurg (Orcs)
  • Wood Elves

That’s all for this day’s installment, but there will be more coming in the near future once Imperial has been finished. Hopefully Prodos will release the rest of the teased models soon, as there’s some fun stuff coming, like more characters, a proper battle engine, and a new warcaster for you to keep building your army lists. Stay tuned everyone, and I’ll see you again soon



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