WarmaZone #24: Andrew Drougan/Mule

Time for another two-for-one WarmaZone special, but with a twist this time. We’re going to be looking at Imperial’s support solos, beginning with the famed Guild Doomtrooper, Andrew Drougan.


So, who is he? First and foremost, he’s an elite member of the Imperial Blood Berets and a decorated veteran, responsible for the slaying of the daemon nepharites Zarabanar and Chorobat, and it was only after the killing of the nepharite Ragathol that Drougan was offered a position in the Doomtroopers, which he gladly accepted. To fill you in a little bit more on the background, the Cartel, known as the Guild of Mercantilers in my world, is an umbrella organization that was funded to oversee interactions between the military, economic, and political powers of Lore without the exchange of gunfire. When the Dark Legion first reared its ugly head, the Guild teamed up with the Crusaders to assemble the Doomtroopers, a special forces unit made up of the best soldiers the armies of man had to offer in order to combat the daemon threat. As a member of the Doomtroopers, Drougan and his comrades have been authorized by the Guild to join forces with any army of the Shattered World to seek out and neutralize any Dark Legion activity. There’s a complete list of all the Doomtroopers coming, but for now we’ll see what Drougan can do by himself.

  • Unit Composition: 1 Solo
  • Cost: 9 points
  • Force Allocation: Character
  • Stats: SPD-5, STR-8, MAT-8, RAT-9, DEF-11, ARM-16, CMD-9, HP-8
  • Weapons:

-Deirdre: RNG-10, ROF-2, POW-12

Grievous Wounds

-Chorobat’s Bane: RNG-1, POW-3, P+S-11

Critical Shred

  • Special Rules:

-Alchemical Mask

-Mage Sight

-Mercenary: This model will work for Cygnar, Khador, Cryx, Crusaders, Imperial (MOW), Imperial (Wolfbanes), and Free Peoples.

-Monster Hunter

-Partisan (Imperial)



-Run & Gun

-Vendetta (Dark Legion)

It’s easy to see from his rules that Drougan is a highly-trained Blood Beret, with high STR, MAT, RAT, and ARM to ensure he hits all his targets accurately and can shrug off attacks from his enemies, though his low DEF means he shouldn’t be played too far ahead, or running around in the open. His HP is higher than normal, so he can take a bit more damage than your average solo, but not much. All befitting of an offensive solo, as opposed to a defensive or support one. His primary weapon is his custom L&A Carbine, “Deirdre,” which fires thermite rounds for inflicting Grievous Wounds on his target. Combined with Monster Hunter, this makes him a terror to Hordes players, as not even the mightiest warbeast can stand up to such a barrage. For backup, he has his custom chain ripper, “Chorobat’s Bane,” formerly owned by Michael McBride,  which has a middling POW but with Monster Hunter and Critical Shred, he can inflict some nasty damage on the opponent’s monsters. His special rules are similar to those of the Blood Berets, with Alchemical Mask for avoiding Poison Gas attacks, Mage Sight for spotting sneaking enemy troops, Pathfinder and Prowl for benefiting from concealing terrain, and Vendetta for even more damage against Dark Legion troops. Run & Gun is useful for keeping Drougan alive when under enemy fire, but he won’t last long in a prolonged melee battle without proper support. Being a Doomtrooper, Drougan can be taken in any army except the Dark Legion, so any of the armies of man can benefit from his abilities. Unfortunately, he cannot join any Hordes armies, as of yet, so only Warmachine armies can currently benefit from his aid. Hopefully this will be changed soon, but I can’t say just yet.

Anyway, here is the full list of Doomtroopers/Guild Agents and their corresponding factions. They will work for any army in Warmachine unless specified, but can’t be fielded against the Crusaders or their home faction. As the characters from Warmachine differ from those in Warzone, there have been some changes.


  • Coleman Stryker- Cygnar
  • Markus “Siege” Brisbane- Cygnar
  • Vince “Fell” Harland- Cygnar
  • Willa Shaw- Cygnar
  • Shiryo-X- Free Peoples
  • Tatsumoto- Free Peoples
  • Andrew Drougan- Imperial (MOW)
  • Isaac Alfreds- Imperial (MOW)
  • Gordon Slythe- Imperial (Wolfbanes)
  • Sean Gallagher- Imperial (Wolfbanes)
  • Sheila MacGregor- Imperial (Wolfbanes)
  • Fenris- Khador
  • Oleg Strahov- Khador
  • Sorscha Kratikov- Khador
  • Vince Diamond- Newerth Council

Guild Agents:

  • Detective Nathan Castle- Cygnar
  • Markus “Siege” Brisbane- Cygnar
  • Simon Darius- Guild
  • Michael McBride- Imperial (MOW)

Keep in mind, even though these guys work like mercenaries, they are not officially mercenaries and can’t be taken in any of the non-Guild theme lists, and can’t be fielded against the Crusaders or their own faction. They’re more limited, but still provide a lot of firepower and support in the field.

The Guild doesn’t just fund the Doomtroopers; they also provide war machines and troops to the armies of mankind to aid in their military operations. The only example currently for sale is the Mule APC:


This boxy halftrack was designed as part of a cooperative effort between the Guild and Mechaniks’ Union to develop an all-purpose transport that was easy to build, operate, and customize. All of the Warmachine armies can field these machines, but the Dark Legion has managed to steal the design and modify it to fit their own horrid needs. The boxed set currently available from Prodos comes with parts for modifying it for Capitol/Cygnar, the Brotherhood/Crusaders, and Dark Legion, but you’re free to modify it however you wish to fit your army’s needs.

  • Unit Composition: 1 Battle Engine
  • Cost: 18 points
  • Force Allocation: 2
  • Stats: SPD-5, STR-10, MAT-4, RAT-6, DEF-10, ARM-20, HP-15
  • Weapons:

-Ram: RNG-0.5, POW-0, P+S-10

-Chain Gun: RNG-10, ROF-2, POW-12

  • Special Rules:

-Battle Engine

-Carrier (10): Enemy warrior models can spend an action to board the carrier. The carrier holds 10 small-based models or 5 medium-based models. While inside, their armor value is the same as that of the carrier. If the carrier is destroyed, all troops inside are thrown D3” away from the wreck.



-Mercenary: This model will work for Cygnar, Khador, Crusaders, Imperial (MOW/Wolfbanes), Cryx and Free Peoples

-Minion: This model will work for the Dark Legion

-Special Modifications:

-Cygnar: Pathfinder

-Khador: +2 RAT and no backstrike bonus

-Crusaders: Sacred Ward

-Cryx: The mule gains a +2 bonus to Repair rolls.

-Imperial (MOW): Friendly faction models within 6” gain Tough.

-Imperial (Wolfbanes): The Chain Gun is replaced with a Howler Grenade Launcher (Frag/Smoke)

-Free Peoples: +2 SPD

-Dark Legion: Regeneration (D3) and Dissension (1)

On its own, the Mule is a solid personnel carrier with enough ARM and space to get your troops to the front lines unscathed while laying down covering fire with its chain gun. That’s all right out of the box, but depending on which faction you take it with, it changes completely. In Imperial (MOW) it’s a mobile hospital. In the Dark Legion, it’s a self-healing mobile altar. In Khador, it’s a powerful support vehicle. What you do with the Mule all depends on what faction it’s taken with, so I can’t give you any tips besides take it for a spin and see what works.

Next time, we’ll look at Isaac Alfreds, another Imperial Doomtrooper, and the Security Agents, a Guild unit you can hire to keep your crucial models safe on the battlefield. I hope you all had a good Easter, and I’ll see you again next time!



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