WarmaZone #23: Master Pathfinder/Lt. Timothy MacGuire

Ever had one of those weeks when everything decided to go wrong all at once? Well, that’s been my week, so I apologize for the lack of content. Schoolwork must come before hobbies, and my grades are more important than my latest spiel about WarmaZone. Anyway, everything’s back under control now, and I can finally share with you the next rules installment for the Imperial Corporation. Today’s a two-for-one special. The first is the Wolfbanes’ Master Pathfinder, a powerful support solo, and the second is Lieutenant Timothy MacGuire, the second of the Ministry of War’s warcasters. First of all then, let’s finish up the Wolfbane starter box with a look at the Master Pathfinder.


  • Unit Composition: 1 Solo
  • Cost: 5 points
  • Force Allocation: 2
  • Stats: SPD-5, STR-9, MAT-8, RAT-6, DEF-12, ARM-15, CMD-8, HP-8
  • Weapons:

-Clansman’s Claymore: RNG-1, POW-4, P+S-13

Brutal Charge

Thresher (Attack)

-Howler Grenade Launcher: RNG-9, ROF-1, AOE-3

Ammo Type:

-Explosive: POW-10

-Smoke: POW-0 (Smoke Cloud)

-Electric: POW-0 (Damage Type Electricity, Disruption)

  • Special Rules:

-Greater Battle Chant (Action): All friendly non-battle engines that start their activation within 8” of the Master Pathfinder gain +1 SPD and Pathfinder for one turn (non-cumulative).




Just like the Pathfinder CA for the Wolfbane Commandos, the Master Pathfinder is both a powerful offensive unit and support piece, but because he is a solo, he can do even more. First, let’s look at his stat block. He’s got the average SPD of a Wolfbane, but his STR and MAT are much higher, making him more effective in melee, has an average RAT that lets him hit his targets more frequently with the Howler, DEF is nothing to brag about, and his ARM and HP are now higher, letting him take more damage in battle than the Pathfinder. He still has the Claymore, though he can now do greater damage thanks to his improved MAT and STR, and still has the Howler Grenade Launcher with frag, smoke, and electric rounds for clearing out enemy infantry, laying down cover, or disabling enemy warjacks. He possesses Brutal Charge and Thresher for even more melee carnage, and if that’s not enough, he has Prey, letting him pick one target or unit and gaining an extra die against said model. This is much better than the command attachment, because while he can only grant Prey to his attached unit, the Master Pathfinder always has it. Prowl is useful for benefiting from cover or concealment to keep the Master Pathfinder alive, and he has a new signature ability called Greater Battle Chant. Unlike the Command Attachment, who only grants a SPD boost and Pathfinder to his unit, the Master Pathfinder grants a SPD boost and Pathfinder to all models within 8″ of him, including warjacks. This is a nasty ability for pumping up the Wolfbane’s mobility and getting them up close to the enemy even faster. Like all the Wolfbanes he suffers from poor defensive stats, but his offensive stats and special ability help to make this glass cannon of an army even more effective. As of now, the only place you can get the Pathfinder and Master Pathfinder is in the starter box, pictured above, which is a good way of starting a Wolfbane Imperial army list. You’ll still need a warcaster and a couple of warjacks, but you’ve got a fully-loaded unit, support solo, and battle engine to start playing around with.

Now onto the main event. Lieutenant Timothy MacGuire is currently the second of the MOW’s two available warcasters, and possesses a much different playstyle than his predecessor, Brigadier Rist. Being a former Golden Lion, MacGuire is more aggressive in play, with most of his spells and abilities serving to buff a melee-centric MOW force or grant MacGuire’s battlegroup bonuses to hitting and damage. In many respects, he plays a lot like the Butcher from the Khador faction, even sharing the same feat as Butcher1.


  • Unit Composition: 1 Hero
  • Cost: -22 points
  • Force Allocation: Character
  • Stats: SPD-5, STR-10, MAT-9, RAT-6, DEF-13, ARM-18, CMD-9, HP-16, FOC-6
  • Weapons:

-The Pride of the Lions: RNG-11, ROF-2, AOE-3, POW-11

Demolition Charge: Any tokens within 3” of the AOE are removed.

-The Mane Claw: RNG-1, POW-4, P+S-14

Grievous Wounds

Magical Weapon

  • Special Rules:

-Alchemical Mask

-Blood Rage: MacGuire can gain +1 STR per FOC spent, up to a maximum of three. At the end of its activation, he suffers an unboostable POW-12 autohit.

-Hunter’s Intuition: Models deploying via Ambush within 4” of MacGuire can be charged for free, even if he already activated.

-Inspiration (Golden Lions): Friendly Golden Lions in MacGuire’s CMD range gain Assault.

-Mage Sight




  • Spells:

-Full Throttle: Cost-3, RNG-Self, AOE-Ctrl, DUR-Turn, OFF-No

Warjacks in MacGuire’s battlegroup starting in his CTRL range can run, charge, trample, or slam for free. Models in his battlegroup gain boosted melee attack rolls while in his CTRL area. Lasts for one turn.

-The Fog: Cost-3, RNG-Self, AOE-4, DUR-Turn, OFF-No

Friendly models within 4” of MacGuire gain Concealment for one turn.

-Vengeful: Cost-1, RNG-6, DUR-Turn, OFF-No

Friendly faction model/unit gains Retaliatory Strike (Once per turn, when an enemy hits this model in melee, it can make one unboosted melee attack against the attacker). Lasts for one turn.

-Vesting Haste: Cost-1, RNG-Self, AOE-6, DUR-Turn, OFF-No

Friendly models within 6” of MacGuire gain +1 SPD for one turn.

  • Feat: Blood Frenzy

-Unlike the other savages under his control, Lieutenant MacGuire keeps his wild and psychotic nature under lock and key until it will cause the most damage. When he deems the time right, he unleashes his bestial nature, transforming into a whirlwind of bloody destruction. His presence inspires those under his command to further acts of violence, pushing them harder to turn their enemies into so much blood and viscera.

-While in MacGuire’s control range, friendly faction models gain an additional die on melee attack and damage rolls for one turn.

Oh, this is going to be a fun one. Like I said, MacGuire isn’t really a support warcaster, as his points cost reflects, mostly due to the fact he prefers to rely on the strength of his own equipment instead of a mass-produced Imperial warjack. His points cost is enough for you to afford a couple of decent melee ‘jacks, like Loaders or the soon-to-be-released Highlander, but he really doesn’t like ranged ‘jacks and doesn’t do much to support them. Stats-wise, he’s not incredibly fast, but possesses a monstrous STR of 10 and a MAT of 9, making him as deadly as a Wolfbane in Melee, and his RAT is an average of 6, letting him reliably hit with his grenade launcher. DEF is average, and ARM is solid, making him more durable than your average MOW model, CMD and HP aren’t anything special, and he has an average FOC of 6, granting him enough magic to cast his spells, buy or boost attacks, or use his custom version of Blood Rage. His ranged offering is (fortunately) not another Aggressor, but a customized grenade launcher he calls the Pride of the Lions. It’s got a high range, ROF of 2, small AOE and middling POW of 11, but its primary ability is its Demolition Charge ability. The weapon itself is useful for clearing out packed infantry, but with Demolition Charge you can take down any tokens that the enemy is using for buffs or traps, letting MacGuire get rid of their defensive or offensive buffs or shut down enemy ambushes with emplaced mines. The Mane Claw is his customized version of the standard Golden Lion wrist claws, but has a much higher P+S, letting MacGuire go toe-to-toe with enemy warjacks, Magical Weapon, and the by now standard issue Grievous Wounds for dealing with Tough models. Being a Golden Lion, MacGuire has Alchemical Mask, Pathfinder, Mage Sight, Steady, and Hunter’s Intuition for shutting down enemy ambushes, but now has a customized form of Blood Rage. Unlike the normal Lions, who get a set STR boost, MacGuire can boost his STR up to a maximum of +3, letting him benefit even more from Blood Rage’s offensive buff before it backfires on him. If you’re running Golden Lions in your MOW list, MacGuire is your go-to warcaster, as he grants them the Assault ability. This means that they can fire off their wrist-mounted cannons at the foe to soften them up before charging directly at the foe with two boosted melee attacks. Talk about brutal!

For spells, MacGuire’s spell list is very much like the Butcher’s, in fact borrowing most of his spells. Full Throttle is an expensive spell that lets the warjacks in MacGuire’s battlegroup free power attacks and boosted melee rolls for one turn, letting him push a melee-centric force to its limit. The Fog is an AOE spell that grants his troops or warjacks around him Concealment for one turn, letting them dodge enemy fire before closing for the kill. Vengeful is more of a Wolfbane spell, but lets an affected model or unit hit back against an enemy model/unit that damaged them in melee. Nice for hitting back against the enemy’s forces. Vesting Haste is his final spell and a very cheap offering that grants a minor SPD boost to a chosen model or unit. Not anything special, but nice for getting slow-moving troops up the field faster. His feat, Blood Frenzy, is exactly the same as that of the Butcher, granting MacGuire and all those under his command boosted melee rolls for one turn. This feat is especially useful after you’ve softened up the enemy’s intervening forces, letting you scythe through the rest and close for the final kill. There really isn’t too much that can be said about MacGuire, unlike Brigadier Rist. He’s not an expert at summoning lots of calldowns and buffs for his troops, he’s just a guy with a big gun and a big claw who loves nothing more than blind, ugly violence. In that respect, he plays more like a Wolfbane, despite being a member of the MOW. If you want to play your MOW army list more aggressively, MacGuire is the warcaster for you. Just make sure to bring along some dedicated support to dole out the buffs that MacGuire can’t.

Bit of a longer one for today’s WarmaZone, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Next time, we’ll be looking at Andrew Drougan, one of Imperial’s character and support solos, who can actually be hired out to the other armies of Immoren…if the price is right. God’s blessings on you during this Holy Week, and Happy Easter! I’ll see you all again next time.


Also, as a side note, I have decided the new faction I will be writing rules for once Imperial has been finished…and it’s not from Warzone. If you’ve been following wargaming news as of late, this will not come as a surprise to you when you learn what it is. Just stay tuned, and (as a hint) remember to look to the skies!


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