WarmaZone #21: Hedgehog Necromower

It’s Wolfbane time again, and time for another unit that’s somewhat impractical, but also ridiculously awesome. The Hedgehog Necromower is an all-terrain vehicle that was designed by the Wolfbane Fergan clan as a ranching vehicle, but it didn’t take long for the war-minded Wolfbanes to adapt it into a combat vehicle. Unlike the Greyhound LAFV, there’s really not much to the Hedgehog, as all armor, engine parts, safety restraints, and anything else that adds excess weight has been stripped off to make the vehicle as fast as possible. For all intents and purposes, it’s an engine, four wheels, and seat welded together with metal bars and with an Ultracharger bolted onto the side. Then again, when your army specializes in pulverizing your foes in melee, do you really need things like armor and fancy guns?


  • Unit Composition: 1 Battle Engine
  • Cost: 8 points
  • Force Allocation: 4
  • Stats: SPD-6, STR-10, MAT-7, RAT-5, DEF-13, ARM-18, HP-18
  • Weapons:

-Driver’s Claymore: RNG-1, POW-4, P+S-14

-Ultracharger HMG: RNG-9, ROF-D3+2, POW-11

-Brainbuster Grenade Launcher: RNG-9, ROF-1, AOE-3, POW-10

  • Special Rules:

-Battle Engine

-Brutal Charge


-Nitro (Action): This model gains +1 SPD and its melee weapons gain Critical Smite for one turn. After using this ability, roll a D6. On a roll of 1-4, the model suffers 1 point of damage.


So, where to start with this one? The only things you really need to know about the Hedgehog is that it’s fast, and hits like a truck in melee. SPD-6 ensures your Hedgehog gets into the fray before everyone else, and STR-10 with a POW-4 melee weapon and MAT-7 means whatever you happen to run into isn’t going to be around for very long. Defensive stats are okay, with a middling DEF for avoiding incoming fire while moving, and a decent ARM that keeps the Hedgehog alive long enough to do some serious damage. Your main armament is going to be the claymore, an average-ranged melee weapon with a brutal P+S that can splatter solos and infantry and dent up heavily-armored support models. With Brutal Charge, you’re going to want to use this weapon often, as, with most Wolfbane melee units, your target won’t last very long in prolonged melee. For a ranged backup, you finally get rid of the pitiful Aggressor and replace it with one of two different options. The default option is the Ultracharger HMG, a bigger version of the infantry-portable Charger with a higher ROF that lets you hit between 3-5 targets per turn. With the driver’s admittedly lousy RAT, you won’t be hitting much, but bullets are still bullets. For infantry-clearing, you can swap the Ultracharger for the Brainbuster Grenade Launcher, a short-ranged weapon that lets you put down a 3″ AOE to clear out lightly-armored models. Neither of the weapons is too spectacular, and you won’t be using them all that often, but it doesn’t hurt to have a backup. Since the Hedgehog is an ATV, it comes with Battle Engine, Construct, and Pathfinder as its special rules, letting you fix it up in between brawls and drive it over whatever happens to get in its way. Its signature rule is Nitro, a special ability you use before activating the Hedgehog. If you wish, you can overclock the engine to gain +1 SPD and Critical Smite on your claymore, letting you charge headlong into your foes and send them flying across the field. Fun, but you better hope your dice rolls are good, or you’re going to break your engine after repeated use. There’s not a whole lot to the Hedgehog, but that’s not really a bad thing. It’s just a straightforward, brutal, melee-centric battle machine that belongs at the front lines, plowing through anyone unlucky enough to get in front of it. And isn’t that why you play Wolfbanes anyway?

That’s it for today’s episode of WarmaZone. Next time, we’ll look at the Wolfbanes’ non-character solo, the Master Pathfinder, and finish up the Wolfbane starter box. See you all next time!



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