WarmaZone #18: Sean Gallagher

With the weather finally becoming more tolerable, it’s getting harder to stay inside and keep up with my postings, but I’ve still got more work to share. One of these days I’ll have enough motivation and time to get back into painting, but for now this helps to keep me focused on my hobbies. Anyways, today’s WarmaZone is a special one, as we’ll be looking at one of Imperial’s signature characters. Sean Gallagher has been a part of Warzone ever since first edition, and has remained a mainstay throughout all subsequent editions. In the canon, Gallagher, like Gordon Slythe, is pretty old for a Wolfbane warrior, but is as old as he is only because he’s survived every battle he’s been in. Amongst his people, Gallagher is a living legend and an inspiration to all those that serve with him, but he’s still a capable warrior, and can be found at the head of a charge, facing down his foes.


  • Unit Composition: 1 Hero
  • Cost: -25 points
  • Force Allocation: Character
  • Stats: SPD-6, STR-9, MAT-9, RAT-8, DEF-11, ARM-16, CMD-8, HP-18, FOC-6
  • Weapons:

-Aggressor Handgun: RNG-8, ROF-2, POW-10

-Runestaff: RNG-2, POW-4, P+S-13

Magical Weapon

Warhead (Attack)

  • Special Rules

-Brutal Charge

-Mercenary: This model will work for Cygnar, Khador, Cryx, Crusaders, Imperial (MOW), Imperial (Wolfbanes), and Free Peoples.

-Partisan (Imperial)

-Vendetta (Dark Legion)


  • Spells:

-Call to Hunt: Cost-2, RNG-Self, AOE-Ctrl, DUR-Turn, OFF-No

Friendly models gain +2 MAT

-Howl of Fate: Cost-2, RNG-Self, AOE-Ctrl, DUR-Turn, OFF-No

Friendly models may re-roll one failed melee or ranged attack per turn.

-Rite of the Eternal Night: Cost-4, RNG-Self, DUR-Rnd, OFF-No

Any ranged attack made against this model suffers a -4 penalty.

-Rite of the Tempest: Cost-3, RNG-Self, AOE-8, DUR-Rnd, OFF-Yes

Models trying to deploy via Ambush within 8” of this model suffer a POW-5 hit after deploying and -4 CMD.

  • Feat: Amulet of Deflection

-Gallagher’s Amulet of Deflection is an ancient artifact that has been handed down through the generations of his clan, empowering warlords and soldiers alike to endure the blows of their enemies. With a pulse of arcane power, Gallagher channels his magic through the amulet, sending its untold powers into those under his command. When the amulet is active, his men become like ghosts, slipping through enemy attacks with ease to impale them upon their broadswords.

-All friendly models within 8” of Gallagher gain +4 DEF and Incorporeal. Amulet of Deflection lasts for one turn.

On his own, like many of the Wolfbanes, Gallagher isn’t too spectacular, but his special rules really make him shine. Statwise, his SPD, MAT, RAT, and STR are stellar for a warcaster, letting him move fast, securely hit his targets, and do decent amounts of damage without needing to spend additional focus. His DEF is quite poor, meaning he can get hit with little to no trouble on the enemy’s part, but his ARM is decently strong, letting him shrug off the worst of the damage. Unfortunately, boiled leather is no comparison for tempered iron, and in a prolonged fight Gallagher will still fall to enemy attacks. His CMD is high, as is befitting of a man who never runs from the enemy, and his FOC is pretty average, giving him just enough to cast spells and/or buy and boost attacks. Nothing too special right off the bat, but his weapons and special rules help to set him apart. He’s still got the standard-issue Aggressor, but wields a custom-made rune staff (even though it’s a sword in his model…) that has a really strong POW on its own and Magical Weapon for pulverizing his foes and any Incorporeal models he runs across. If this isn’t enough for you, he can slam the blade into the ground and produce a Magical 3″ AOE for clearing the area around him and keeping Gallagher from getting engaged by massed troops. He possesses Brutal Charge, as a man who leads from the front should, and Vendetta (Dark Legion), making him even more devastating against the forces of darkness without needing to spend more focus. Since he is a Warcaster, he has Focus Manipulation, Battlegroup Commander, and Power Field, helping to make him more survivable in the field, either through healing or shoving his warjacks into the line of fire.

Now onto his spell list. Call to Hunt and Howl of Fate are good spells for any infantry under Gallagher’s command, though they support different kinds. Call to Hunt provides a small MAT buff to the target troops, making the hard-hitting Wolfbanes even better at hitting, so they can inflict even more damage upon their targets. Howl of Fate works well when ranged units like the Trenchers or Special Forces are taken along, or if your chosen units have poor offensive stats, letting you reroll your attacks when you miss. Rite of the Eternal Night is a personal spell for Gallagher like Caine’s Blur that inflicts a penalty on ranged attacks made against him, helping to keep Gallagher safe from snipers and making it harder for ranged-heavy armies from shooting him off the board. Rite of the Tempest is more of a situational spell comparable to Hunters’  Intuition or Nose to the Wind, keeping Gallagher safe from enemy ambushes by inflicting a low POW auto hit on them and causing a pretty high penalty to their CMD. It’s not useful all the time, but it’s nice for keeping Gallagher safe in the thick of battle. For his feat, Amulet of Deflection grants a high DEF bonus and Incorporeal to his men, turning them into ghosts that can slip through enemy fire to hit the enemy at their heart. With hard-hitting units like the Golden Lions or Warhounds under his command, this is a terrifying prospect, as a whole unit of tanky, inhumanly strong troops slips through your gun line to cave in your warcaster’s head with a magic hammer. If you want to get the most out of Gallagher, let me recommend Imperial’s second army list, the Wolfpack:

  • Heroes: Morten Oakenfist, Sean Gallagher
  • Warjacks: Non-character Imperial warjacks not including Hurricane, Character warjacks with bonded warcaster
  • Troops: Fenris Bikers, Headhunters, Mourning Wolves, Strathgordon Varg Riders, Wolfbane Commandos
  • Solos: Gordon Slythe, Master Pathfinder, Sheila McGregor
  • Battle Engines: Hedgehog Necromower, Seamus “Shameless” Fergan
  • Benefits:

-For every 20 points spent on Wolfbane units, gain a free Command Attachment or small-based solo.

-Wolfbane models in this army gain Gang Fighter.

-Medium-based Wolfbane models count as small-based for Transport purposes.

-Crusader Troopers, Crusader Valkyries, Special Forces, Stormtrenchers, and Trenchers may be fielded in this army.

There’s not as much to this army list as the Ministry of War, but those benefits it does give are still useful. Gang Fighter gives a bonus to melee attacks when the target is engaged by another friendly Wolfbane, making them even more brutal in close range, and the free Command Attachments and solos let you benefit from all of your support options without spending excessive points. Medium-based Wolfbanes now become small-based for their Transports, meaning even the Warhounds can hitch a ride on your Fenris Bikes for an express ride to the front lines, or you can pack more infantry into dedicated carriers like the Mule to launch bigger assaults on your enemy. This list is mostly about pure brutality, boosting your numbers to fill up the table, making them harder-hitting, and helping to keep them alive by benefiting more from transports. If you need some ranged support, the Trenchers, Stormtrenchers, and Special Forces can all tag along to lend their powerful and long-ranged weapons to aid the mostly melee-centric Wolfbanes and keep snipers off their allies. Just like the MOW, the Crusaders can help them as well, so you can get even more melee punch or ranged support depending on your chosen configuration. Their list is not as in-depth as the MOW, but this makes them a good starter list for Imperial players, letting you get your feet wet before you dive into the countless upgrades and options for your troops.

That’s all for Gallagher, but there’s still more to come. Next time, we’ll look at the Hurricane, Imperial’s trademark warjack and a deadly support choice for its controllers. Until next time!


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