WarmaZone #17: Strathgordon Varg Riders

Ever had one of those weeks when work just piles up and you need to dedicate more time to your schoolwork than your hobbies? Anyway, I’m back, and I’ve got more WarmaZone for all of you. You may remember that in my last posting I mentioned that the Wolfbanes’ Fenris Bikes are becoming far and few between ever since the Last Legion blew up the factory that manufactures parts for them. However, the Wolfbanes have been surviving in the highlands on their own long before they were gifted with fancy Imperial-built equipment, and it takes more than a supply shortage to slow them down. So, how do they make up for their lack of motorized cavalry? They do just what the trolls do: find something big and ugly, slap a saddle on it, and hang on for dear life! Enter the Strathgordon Varg Riders, the Wolfbanes’ second cavalry unit designed for more of an offensive than support role. If you don’t know what exactly this unit is yet, or are unfamiliar with them, allow me to enlighten you. A varg, also known as a warg or dire wolf, is a type of wolf that grows to the size of a horse, and sometimes bigger. So yes, these are Wolfbanes riding on actual wolves. Giant ones.


  • Unit Composition: 1 Leader, 2-4 Grunts
  • Cost: 12/20 points
  • Force Allocation: 2
  • Stats: SPD-7, STR-8, MAT-6, RAT-4, DEF-11, ARM-16, CMD-6, HP-8
  • Weapons:

-Aggressor Handgun: RNG-8, ROF-2, POW-10

-Violator Broadsword: RNG-1, POW-3, P+S-11

Grievous Wounds

Magical Weapon

-Iron Jaws: RNG-1, POW-2, P+S-10

  • Special Rules:


-Mage Sight

-Nose to the Wind: If an enemy unit deploys within 6” of a Varg rider, that model can charge the enemy, even if it already activated.


-Rapid Strike

Unlike the Fenris Bikers, who specialize in a support role, either laying down covering fire or providing their allies with transportation, the Varg Riders are a straightforward offensive unit that plays more into the normal Wolfbane play style of charging headlong at their enemies to rip them apart in melee. Now while you can play a ranged game with them, they’ve lost their Howlers in exchange for the standard-issue Imperial pistol, and with their less than stellar RAT, they’re better off not using them if it comes down to it. You’ll want to take some MOW ranged units alongside these guys if it turns into a ranged battle. Their primary arm is the Violator Broadsword, a medium-ranged weapon boasting both Grievous Wounds and Magical Weapon, so it’s capable of killing whatever you hit with it. Alongside rapid strike, you can pull off two really powerful melee attacks with it per turn. Used alongside the sword, your varg can also chew up the enemy with its massive jaws, though they’re not as powerful as the sword. But because you have rapid strike, you have four attacks at your disposal per turn, and with their great MAT, the Varg Riders can shred their opposition with ease. Not much else special to them, besides the standard stack of cavalry rules, letting them make ride-by attacks, Pathfinder for tackling rough terrain, and Mage Sight, letting the Vargs sniff out enemy troops hiding in cover. Their trademark ability is Nose to the Wind, which is a bit like the Golden Lions’ Hunter’s Intuition ability, though better. Instead of units deploying via Ambush, any unit or model that ends its activation within 6″ of the Riders can be charged for free, letting them take down Advance Deploying units and keeping the enemy from setting up a defensive line. They’re not incredibly strong, making them pretty poor as defensive units on their own, but they are good as a shock-and-awe unit for clearing out massed enemy troops and opening up charge lanes for your own men. These guys work well alongside Mourning Wolves and Warhounds, or any other source of Knockdown, letting them hit their targets better.

Not much to say about the Varg Riders besides another ridiculously brutal Wolfbane cavalry unit, and they work really well alongside their brothers in sisters in arms. With that in mind, this will lead us into our next installment, where we’ll be looking at Sean Gallagher, one of the two Wolfbane warcasters, and the Wolfbanes army list. Now, you’ll be able to start building your own army list of the vicious highlanders to field alongside the MOW, and give Imperial some serious melee punch in the field. Following that, we’ll go back to the MOW one more time to look at a special command attachment and solo for the Trenchers, and start looking at the characters and solos you’ll be able to take along to support your troops. Until next time!

-The Raging Goblin


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