WarmaZone #16: Fenris Bikers

Don’t you just love modern technology? Now that Firefox and the Prodos Games site are done crashing on me (seven times in a row…), I can finally get back to WarmaZone with some of Imperial’s cavalry units. Not being content with just sticking their men on horseback, the Corporation decided to build some custom mounts for their troops. Enter the Fenris Bikes, a three-wheeled ATV developed by the Wolfbane Fergan clan for supporting Wolfbane troops in the field and getting their warriors up the field faster. Unfortunately, said vehicle bears an uncanny resemblance to a bladeless lawnmower, but this isn’t our world, now is it?



  • Unit Composition: 1 Leader, 2-5 Grunts
  • Cost: 11/18 points
  • Force Allocation: 1
  • Stats: SPD-7, STR-9, MAT-8, RAT-4, DEF-14, ARM-16, CMD-7, HP-8
  • Weapons:

-Driver’s Punisher Short Sword: RNG-1, POW-3, P+S-12

-Howler Grenade Launcher: RNG-9, ROF-1, AOE-3

Ammo Type:

-Explosive: POW-10

-Smoke: POW-0, Cloud

  • Special Rules:

-Carrier (1): 1 small-based warrior model can spend its action to board the carrier. While on board, it cannot attack, and benefits from the carrier’s SPD and ARM. The model can then spend another action to leave the carrier, and if the carrier is destroyed the rider is thrown d3” away.

-Into the Fray: When the model charges, its melee weapons gain +2 STR. In addition, the rider’s melee weapons gain +2 STR and can be used while charging.

-Light Cavalry

So what exactly do the Fenris Bikes do? On their own, they’re a light cavalry unit that specializes in moving fast to cut down their enemies with their swords or impale them on the spikes of their vehicles. They’re ridiculously fast and strong, letting them get downfield quickly and inflict serious damage on whatever gets in their way, and their MAT, DEF, and ARM are all relatively high for a Wolfbane unit, letting them hit whatever they set their sights on and shrug off enemy attacks as they close for the kill. Coupled with Into the Fray, which is really just a fancier version of Brutal Charge, they’re a melee nightmare on the field, but it’s their support options which make them interesting. Besides their middle-ranged swords, the driver has a Howler Grenade Launcher for a sidearm instead of the Aggressor. He can throw explosive rounds with the risk of catching his allies in the blast, but he can also lay down smoke clouds. For the low-ARM Wolfbanes, this is useful for either keeping allies alive or keeping enemy troops off the Bikers while they’re moving. Their unique ability, which you’ll be seeing a lot more of as I keep doing these custom reviews, is Carrier. This new ability means a certain number of small-based or medium-based models can board a vehicle and let it tow them into the fray, while benefiting from the vehicle’s ARM value to duck incoming fire before jumping out to keep fighting. For the Fenris Bikers, one small-based model can hop on the back for a ride, which is useful to get small-based warcasters or solos into the right position or protect them from enemy attacks. Thanks to Into the Fray, the bikers further benefit from having a passenger as this now grants the biker two boosted attacks when charging. If your passenger is a Headhunter or a model with Weapon Master, you’re looking at a very nasty combination. If your army is centered around a lot of melee-heavy units or lightly-armored troops, the Fenris bikes are a must for extending your threat range and keeping your less-resilient troops safe. They’re a solid support option and aren’t too costly as cavalry units go, but they only do so much on their own and require proper support in the field to be truly effective. If you want a more self-sufficient cavalry unit, you’ll need to wait. While these fierce war machines were once a mainstay in Wolfbane forces, the destruction of the factory that was used to produce parts for the bikes (thank you, Last Legion), has made them increasingly scarce and has led the Wolfbanes to seek out a new source of cavalry mounts. Fortunately for them and us, they were successful, and led to possibly one of the coolest and craziest cavalry units the corporation has to offer.

Finally, I thought I’d never get this post up. Anyway, that’s all for the Fenris Bikers. Next time on WarmaZone, we’ll look at their replacement, the Strathgordon Varg Riders. Following that, we’ll look at the newly-released Wolfbane warcaster Sean Gallagher and the Wolfbane army list, so you can finally start fielding these fearsome highlanders in your games of WarmaZone. As a side note, I’ve been doing some work with Imperial warjacks, so in the coming posts I’ll be including some names and rules for them, as well as parts lists so you can build your own for your games. Since no one has responded to my comments on post #15 regarding my next army codex, and since I’ve been working on that one more since the release of the latest Errata, after Imperial is done we’ll be going sinister to take a look at the twisted hordes of the Dark Legion. That should be fun! Alright, that’s all for right now. God’s blessings on your day, and see you next time on WarmaZone!

-The Raging Goblin


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