WarmaZone #15: Grey Ghosts

Well, I’ve had a good time writing about all of the MOW’s units and Special Forces, but all good things must end, but we’re going to close out this category with a bang. The final Special Forces offering, until the next update, are the Grey Ghosts, the only exclusively female Special Forces unit and one of their deadliest. Recruited from the daughters of the ruling clans, the Ghosts are masters of stealth infiltration and assassination, skilled in trap removal, knife fighting, marksmanship, and covert espionage. Essentially, they’re Imperial’s answer to Khador’s Widowmakers and other long-ranged sniping units.



  • Unit Composition: 1 Leader, 2 Grunts
  • Cost: 6 points
  • Force Allocation: 1
  • Stats: SPD-5, STR-6, MAT-4, RAT-9, DEF-10, ARM-13, CMD-8, HP-1
  • Weapons:

-Assailant Sniper Rifle: RNG-14, ROF-1, POW-13

Deadly Shot (Attack)

-Combat Knife: RNG-0.5, POW-1, P+S-7

  • Special Rules:

-Advance Deployment

-Countermeasures: In the maintenance phase of each turn, you may remove up to 3 trap markers from the board for every Grey Ghost in the unit.





-Surgical Strike: This unit may always choose to deploy first in Advance Deployment, regardless of who won the starting roll. If both armies have this ability, they are deployed in starting order.

Hoo boy, this is going to be a fun one. First and foremost, the Ghosts are snipers, as their stellar RAT should reflect. No matter what you are or where you are, if the Ghosts see you, they can and will hit you. Unfortunately their other stats are pretty poor, and in a melee fight, they WILL die. Hey, Imperial! They grey catsuits are nice, but how about some armor? Though the suits are nice…Anyway, their MAT, STR, and ARM don’t give them much of a chance, though their special rules can keep them safe. We’ll get to those in a minute. For their armaments, they have the Assailant Sniper Rifle we saw with the Life Dragoons, but they now possess an incredibly RAT for hitting anything that moves, Deadly Shot to inflict an automatic three points of damage instead of rolling for damage, and Marksman for choosing which column or branch of a warjack/beast’s damage grid takes the damage. With three women in the unit, this means that you can wipe out an entire branch of a war-thing’s damage grid in only one turn, or severely cripple your opponent’s warcaster. If your opponent is running an army dependent on unit leaders or support solos like the Cephalyx, the Ghosts are useful for scalpeling them out and leaving them with a bunch of useless grunts. Their secondary weapon is their standard-issue combat knife, which you should ABSOLUTELY NEVER use. It’s there for a backup, but if your Ghosts are in melee, you’ve done something very wrong. When it comes to Special Rules, most of them are dedicated to boosting the Ghosts’ survivability and marksmanship skills. Advance Deployment lets them be placed ahead of the main force and take advantage of cover before the enemy does, and Surgical Strike ensures they are always deployed first, unless the enemy has a unit with the same rule. Still, it’s good for ensuring the Ghosts get into position before the bullets start flying. They possess the sniper trinity of Pathfinder, Prowl, and Stealth, which lets them move through rough terrain unhindered while benefiting from the cover, and keeps them safe from return fire and spells. I already mentioned Marksman, so no need to elaborate their, but their signature ability is Countermeasures. During your maintenance phase, you may remove one trap marker from the board for every Ghost in your unit. If your opponent relies on deploying a lot of pitfalls and traps, like Dominic Darius, the Ghosts are perfect for shutting them down and keeping your own troops from inadvertently stepping on a mine. If you’re running the MOW army list, the Ghosts are a must-have unit. They’re cheap, so they won’t take up much of your points cost, they keep your own troops safe from hidden traps, and they can take out the enemy’s support or hurt their warcaster with ease. It helps to take units like the Golden Lions or Life Dragoons in order to keep them safe, along with solos or ‘casters to grant them defensive or armor buffs. If you want even more firepower, there’s a Ghost solo, Lieutenant Francis Kemp, who can add an extra rifle and some support abilities to their ranks. She hasn’t been released yet, but I’ll release her rules once she’s available. Besides that, there isn’t much really wrong with the Ghosts outside of their lack of a melee game. They’re fast, stealthy, and able to hit the enemy where it hurts with no trouble at all. Just make sure that you’ve got good cover or stronger units to soak up the blows before the melee units get to them. If you’ve got space or an extra 6 points, the Ghosts are an absolute must.

That’s all for the MOW’s units, but there’s still more to come. Next time, we’ll look at Imperial’s cavalry units, and following that, we’ll see what support solos the corporation has to offer. See you all again soon!

-The Raging Goblin


One thought on “WarmaZone #15: Grey Ghosts”

  1. I’d also like to throw this suggestion out to all of you that have been following my WarmaZone posts. What would you like to see after I finish Imperial? Would you like to see the Crusaders, Bauhaus, Dark Legion, or Capitol? If you have an opinion, please post your comments below, and I’ll take them into consideration as we get closer to the end of Imperial.


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