WarmaZone #12: Mourning Wolves

We’re back, and we’re breaking from the MOW to take a look back at the Wolfbanes, and one of their most characterful and developed units. The Mourning Wolves at first glance just seem like female versions of the Commandos wearing KISS makeup with different weapons, but their unit has a very deep and honestly sad backstory. While the Wolfbanes are mostly gangers or disgraced Imperial officials, the Mourning Wolves are just ordinary women who happened to be married or related to Wolfbane soldiers. They used to lead normal lives, from teachers to actresses, but when their husbands, brothers, or fathers were killed in battle, the grief led them to take up arms and avenge their fallen loved ones. So, you’re basically fighting a whole pack of war widows driven mad with grief that only want to tear your guts out for killing a loved one. Bet you feel bad about killing all those Commandos now, don’t you?


  • Unit Composition: 1 Leader, 5-9 Grunts
  • Cost: 7/11 points
  • Force Allocation: 2
  • Stats: SPD-6, STR-7, MAT-7, RAT-4, DEF-13, ARM-11, CMD-6, HP-1
  • Weapons:

-Howler Grenade Launcher: RNG-9, ROF-1, AOE-3

Ammo Type:

-Explosive: POW-10

-Tangle Chain: POW-0, Knockdown

-Smoke Bomb: POW-0, Cloud

-Wolf Claw: RNG-1, POW-2, P+S-9

  • Special Rules:

-Dissension (2): Enemy models within 12” suffer -2 CMD, not cumulative.

-Vendetta (Dark Legion)

Whereas the Commandos and Warhounds were brutal and tank-like in melee, the Mourning Wolves are plain vicious. Their primary weapon is a wrist-mounted blade called the Wolf Claw with a middling range like the swords of the Commandos, but they swap Brutal Charge for Rapid Strike. The POW is not as high, but when they charge, they can rip into their enemies with a flurry of boosted blows that, against light infantry, can turn them into mulch. Yet another weapon that doesn’t have much to say about it, besides decent in melee and pretty nasty when combined with their stellar MAT and Rapid Strike. Their second weapon is the Howler Grenade Launcher, similar to that worn by the Commando Pathfinder, and it opens the field for a lot of possibilities. Due their poor RAT, they won’t be using the Explosive shells much, but they can lay down smoke clouds to protect their brothers in arms and provide cover, and they possess the unique Tangle Chain ammo type. This is perhaps the Mourning Wolves’ most useful ability, as this weapon knocks down everything in its AOE, letting either the MWs or other Wolfbane units close with the knocked-down targets and pulverize them. When you consider the wide amount of brutal melee weapons available to the Wolfbanes, any source of Knockdown is welcome in a Wolfbane list and spells doom for whoever is facing them. If you’re fighting against the Dark Legion, the Mourning Wolves are one of your go-to units, as Vendetta combined with their Knockdown capabilities and high MAT, turns them into a real nightmare that not even the strongest Necromutant will be able to withstand. The Mourning Wolves are one of those units that only work well in Imperial, and mostly as a support unit, as their DEF and ARM are so poor they are going to die as soon as the enemy draws LOS to them. If you plan to take the Mourning Wolves with either the Wolfbanes or MOW, you’re better off using them as support instead of front-line brawlers like the Warhounds, Commandos, or Headhunters. They’re useful for knocking down your enemies and opening them up for easy hits, but melee-wise they only shine when you’re fighting the daemons of the Dark Symmetry, as they’re too easy to shoot otherwise. They are yet another unit that could benefit from Holo’s Drinking Party and Inspiration, and could even open up her targets for her vicious claws, but given their weak ARM, they more than likely won’t survive whatever they’re hit with. Best to save that one for the stronger units, but that isn’t to say that the Mourning Wolves aren’t useful. Their grenade launchers can wipe out infantry with good enough dice rolls, but they can protect other unit with smoke or knock down enemy troops, and in a pinch they can become a savage melee unit. If you plan on taking them, make sure to bring some support units to keep them safe until it’s time to strike, or melee units to splatter what they succeed in knocking down. All in all, a good support unit that belongs in any Wolfbane list.

Next time on WarmaZone, we’re going to keep going with the Wolfbanes by looking at the Headhunters,  a unit that makes even the feral Wolves seem civilized. See you all soon!

-The Raging Goblin


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