WarmaZone #9: Warhounds

Ah, so many unit entries to write, so little time. After the Barracudas, I thought I’d introduce something more resilient and able to actually hold its own in melee. To that end, we have the Warhounds, the Wolfbanes’ heavy infantry and one of their stronger melee units. In the world, Warhounds are more giants than men, armed with colossal magic hammers that they use to pulverize their foes and smash enemy tanks and warjacks. Although it doesn’t really have any significance, a fun bit of trivia is the chant the Warhounds recite to power up their hammers: “Beer I bring thee, Tree of Battle, mingled of strength and mighty of frame, charms ye hold powered runes, spells full good and destruction unleash.”



  • Unit Composition: 1 Leader, 2-5 Grunts
  • Cost: 11/18 points
  • Force Allocation: 1
  • Stats: SPD-5, STR-9, MAT-8, RAT-3, DEF-12, ARM-17, CMD-7, HP-5
  • Weapons:

-Aggressor Handgun: RNG-8, ROF-2, POW-10


-Nepharite Hammer: RNG-2, POW-4, P+S-13

Armor Piercing (Attack)

Magical Weapon

-Shockwave: RNG-SP8, ROF-1, POW-10

Critical Knockdown

  • Special Rules:

-Brutal Charge



The only words I can think of when describing the Warhounds are tanky and plain destructive. They’re as slow as mud, but their STR and MAT ensure whatever they hit with their magic hammers is going to be left as a shattered mess, and their DEF and ARM are high enough to allow them to shrug off even the strongest hits. Their RAT is downright sad, but you don’t really bring these guys to shoot things. Their main weapon is the devastating Nepharite Hammer, a long-ranged melee attack that’s strong enough on its own to pulverize infantry, and can be powered up to unleash an Armor Piercing attack and shatter enemy shield walls. Its Magical Weapon quality is useful against Incorporeal units, and given the high POW of the weapon, most Incorporeal models are going to DIE when they get hit. The Warhounds have a couple of backup weapons, but you won’t be using them most of the time. The first is a standard Imperial handgun which has such a low POW that, combined with the Warhounds’ pitiful RAT you’ll barely be using, and the second is the Shockwave attack, made by slamming the Warhounds’ magical hammers into the ground. As a spray attack, it’s useful for flushing out Stealth infantry, and even though you won’t be killing a lot of enemies with it, on a critical hit you can knock down the target. This then opens the enemy up for attack from the Warhounds or other Wolfbanes in the army, or even for free shots from their MOW allies if the knocked-down model doesn’t have Feign Death. These guys are primarily useful in a melee-heavy army or with ranged support like the Trenchers, as they can knock down enemies for easy strikes or crack armor. If you want, they make good warjack hunters, though in a prolonged brawl with one they won’t last long. They’re only a standard unit, and will still die  after being punched across the field by a Khadoran ‘jack. If you want to make these guys even better, take them in the Wolfbanes army list, or pair them up with a support solo. Holo works well with them, as her Drinking Party skill gets them out of melee with Weapon Master units and she can grant them Inspiration. The upcoming Wolfbane warcaster, Morten Oakenfist, works especially well with them, as he was once a Warhound himself and all his spells and abilities work to buff the Warhounds and support a melee-heavy army. Now, there are a few things to keep in mind before taking these men in your army. They may be strong and resilient, but they’re slow and poor at ranged battles. It’s very easy for them to get shot to pieces before they get too far, so be careful about playing them at the front. However, when the battle turns into a slugfest, these guys should be at the fore with everyone else. Brutal Charge combined with their high offensive stats lets them crush anything that gets in their way, and a combination of Steady and Tough lets them weather the strongest enemy assaults and keep on going. All in all, they’re a solid unit that belongs going toe-to-toe with the strongest the Iron Kingdoms have to offer. Just be careful around Cygnar or the Protectorate.

Next time on WarmaZone, we’ll take a look at the first of the Ministry of War’s battle engines and get you some more reliable ranged support for your MOW war forces that won’t blow up in your face. God’s blessings, and I’ll see you again soon!

-The Raging Goblin


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