The Raging Goblin Reviews #13

Welcome to the Raging Goblin Reviews, the segment where I look at some of my favorite hobby tools and products and review them for all you budding hobbyists and wargamers out there. I’ve reviewed at least one warlock/caster from Warmahordes already, and it’s about time I reviewed another. And with my new acquisitions this Christmas, I’ve got the perfect candidate. Presenting the Man with the Hammer, Cygnar’s human artillery, the bane of any standing structure in Immoren, everybody say it with me:



Technically, this is the resculpt of the famous ‘caster, but we’ll be discussing that later. For those of you unfamiliar with Siege, he is Cygnar’s equivalent of Captain Gunnbjorn, a living artillery piece specializing in trench warfare and making explosives more potent and destructive. He’s also comparable to the Butcher of Khardov in Khador, in that he possesses a decent melee game with the ability to slam around foes with his magic hammer, even though he lacks Weapon Master. But before we discuss Siege’s rules, let’s discuss the man himself.

Like I said, this is the resculpt of the classic Siege model, which, while still a good sculpt, stood out as a bit lackluster:


All of the basic details are still their, but he doesn’t seem like a dynamic warcaster and feels more at home standing in a lineup with the rest of his men, not charging over the top to bust in a Winter Guardsman’s skull. The newer sculpt gives Siege more personality and action, depicting him in the midst of launching a Ground Pounder attack while charging over a barricade of sandbags. This is definitely an improvement over the old sculpt, and helps this living battering ram to stand out more on the battlefield. In his background fluff, Siege is described as a career soldier who has been present at nearly every Cygnaran victory, and his sculpt conveys this story. The face sculpt seems to convey it the most, as he looks like a war-weary but still determined warrior. As a warcaster, Siege wears the typical steam-driven power armor worn by most of their number, but he’s jazzed his up a little bit with some heavy pauldrons and chestplate that give him the appearance of a walking tank, and a larger boiler on his back to power the rig. He of course has the trademark artillerist goggles like the Trencher Master Gunner, one of my favorite details for a model to have, and has ammo pouches and straps all over his armor for storing more ammunition and supplies. As a sucker for mechanical details, Siege has a ton, as his armor is covered in gears, screws, and hoses to give it a gritty, industrial feel, and his weapons are packed as well, such as internal tesla coils in the hammer and gears and springs making up the mechanisms in his gun. There are a few smaller details that have been added, such as his billowing coat and the sand bags under his right boot, that give Siege a bit more character on the field and set him apart as his own unique model. He definitely looks like he belongs leading a massive Trencher charge, and I’m very happy that PP updated his sculpt in such a spectacular way. Though I can’t help but see him as a steampunk space marine, not that this is a bad thing.

Now onto parts and assembly. Siege’s part list is a bit unusual, and I’ll explain why. In the blister package, you will get:

  • 1 Siege body
  • 1 rocket cannon
  • 1 hammer
  • 2 smokestacks
  • 3 gun flaps
  • 1 30mm base
  • 1 color stat card

Siege himself comes as one big lump of metal, but all of the smaller details, such as the smokestacks on his boiler, the flaps on the muzzle of his gun, and even his hammer, Havoc, are all separate pieces that need to be attached. The rocket cannon and smokestacks aren’t too difficult, as they fit into their designated niches without many gaps, but the flaps on his gun are a bit fiddly to sit right on the muzzle. The hammer is probably the most frustrating piece out of all of them, as it is supposed to attach to two VERY tiny contact points on Siege’s left pauldron and back, and the connection is a bit fragile once completed. It looks nice once you have it all together, but be careful when handling it or all your hard work will come clattering down on you. Voice of experience speaking. The assembly is pretty straightforward and easy, but there are some bits to be wary of that will require some patience. I don’t recommend him for beginning hobbyists; start with a simpler model like Dalin Sturgis or Coleman Stryker first, who also make good starting ‘casters.

Siege’s ruleset is befitting of a front-line ‘caster, as should be expected, and has a stat line dedicated primarily to melee combat and resilience. His SPD is somewhat low, meaning he’ll need to run or charge a lot to get upfield, but given his weapon loadout, charging is a good idea. His STR and MAT are a bit higher than average, making him an excellent melee combatant and able to both hit and severely damage his targets, and his RAT is average, meaning he can hit things relatively well with his gun in a shooting match. DEF and ARM are both quite high, meaning it’s both hard to hit Siege and damage him, which when coupled with his high HP and Tough make him a real pain to enemies fighting him. His FOC is average for a Cygnaran caster, giving him just enough for spells and boosting attacks, but the warjack’s new Power Up rule takes a lot of the strain off of him. For weapons, Siege’s primary weapon is his magical hammer Havoc. It has a high POW and 1-inch range, letting him hit enemies from a longer distance, keeping himself safe, and inflict heavy damage on highly-armored targets like Men-O-War. While it’s not a good idea to rely too much on critical effects, Havoc’s is nice, as it has Critical Smite. This means that on a critical hit, you can slam enemies away from Siege and into enemy forces, keeping him safe and letting you clear charge lanes. Siege’s other weapon is his rocket cannon, which is the real reason you take him. On it’s own, the rocket cannon has a long range and a high POW-14 that can obliterate most infantry and ding up armor, which is pretty nice. However, Siege has a backup attack called Ground Pounder, in which he unleashes a salvo of rockets over a 4″ AOE, pulverizing everything within its radius. Thanks to this ability, Siege is DEVASTATING to infantry-heavy armies as one salvo can turn an entire section into hamburger, exposing the opponent’s heart directly to Siege’s line of fire. Unfortunately your own men can be affected by the Ground Pounder as well, so be careful before popping it before you make sure you know what is going to be hit. No sense in wiping out your own men to hurt the enemy. For special rules, Siege now has Tough, making him more survivable in melee and more like the Trenchers he commands, and the “Combat Engineer” ability, meaning Siege can roll an extra die of damage against structures. In casual play, this rule does not make a lot of sense, but is more applicable for scenario play with control points and obstacles. Unfortunately, this does not apply to model with Construct as of the latest errata, so time will tell if Siege becomes more effective in battles against other Warmachine armies or the Convergence.

For a spell list, Siege’s list is a mixed bag of offensive and support spells, meaning he doesn’t fit into any particular category and can switch back and forth as needed. Offensively, he has Force Hammer, which can slam enemies, and Rift, an expensive blast that creates rough terrain, perfect for slowing down enemies in Siege’s line of sight. Support-wise, he has Explosivo ala Gunnbjorn, letting him turn an entire unit of Trenchers into an infantry-splattering line of AOE-throwers and give Magical Weapon to his men to better resist Cryxian forces. He also has Foxhole, letting him lay down cover for his men so they don’t need to dig in or dive behind a wall for protection, and Mage Sight, which lets his men and warjacks ignore Stealth when fighting stealth and assassin forces. Sorry Circle Orboros! Siege also possesses one of the more devastating feats in Cygnar in the form of Breach. His feat eliminates all wall templates in his control range, removing enemy cover and throwing them into the open, and now effectively gives the weapons of his men Armor Piercing, as all enemies in Siege’s control range suffer halved ARM for one turn. When popped at the right time, Siege and his men can mow through enemy opposition, shredding infantry and exposing crucial support solos hidden in their midst.

For Siege, there are a couple units which work particularly well with him:

  • Triumph: Gives Siege a shield guard, making him more survivable in battle, benefits from natural Mage Sight to take the strain off Siege’s focus, and his bond turns him into a deadly sniper, so make sure to always give him a lane of fire.
  • Defender: A solid big gun, and lethal against heavily-armored support units and warcasters on Siege’s feat turn.
  • Charger: A smaller version of the Defender and just as lethal on Siege’s feat turn, and more focus-efficient with Powerful Shot.
  • Sentinel: A cheaper shield guard to give Siege more armor, and its chain gun is like a lead-spewing lawnmower on feat turn.
  • Minuteman: More of an expensive cruise missile than a proper warjack, but still devastating when you know how to use it. Launching it into the middle of an enemy army on feat turn and unloading its flak field and slug guns will effectively vaporize the opponent’s troops.
  • Long Gunners: Siege can keep them alive with his spells, and their long-range guns can benefit from Siege’s list of ranged buff spells. RNG-14 AOE-3 guns will spell doom for most.
  • Trenchers: These are your go-to unit type, from artillery to infantry. Explosivo makes them the bane of infantry-heavy forces, Foxhole makes them even tougher, their CRAs can crack armor outside of the feat turn and become even more devastating ON it, and their artillery pieces become even better. If you’re taking these guys, make sure to include Grenadiers to lay down covering fire, Captain Finn to boost their attacks and add a powerful gun, and Major Gibbs to heal up your multi-wound models when things get sticky.
  • Rangers: Foxhole gives these lightly-armored troops more protection, and their Mark Target ability lets him hit more accurately with his rocket cannon.
  • Squire or Reinholdt
  • Journeyman Warcaster
  • Rhupert Carvolo

Of course, your mileage may vary, this is just my preferred choice of troops to run with Siege, as I tend to play ranged-heavy. If you prefer melee units to mix in with your gunslingers, Battle College recommends Precursor Knights and Storm Lances. Fortunately, the introduction of MK3 lets you plug-and-play with your warcaster in any army list, so Siege and his fellow spellslingers are more versatile than they were in the past. If you like a gutsy warcaster that can hold his own in melee, or be as devastating as Captain Gunnbjorn in ranged combat, Siege is a good ‘caster for you. Also, Siege’s easy ruleset and straightforward weapons and spells make him a good entry point for someone looking to get into Cygnar.

Anyway, this has been the Raging Goblin’s review of the Trollbloods Dire Troll Mauler/Blitzer/Bomber Multi Kit. God’s blessings on your week, keep up with your hobbies, and stay green my friends!


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