The Raging Goblin Paints #5

I’m back! I just got a new camera for my birthday, so I thought I’d test it out. I’m almost done with the final man in my 5-man Slugger unit, so I decided to go ahead and do a mass shot of all my painted models so far:


Yeah, I know it’s not stellar, but I have a lot more than this still in the backlog, and I hope to get more done as soon as I can. Getting Gunnbjorn and Dozer & Smigg fully painted is my biggest goal, but I still have a lot of infantry to work on. In case you couldn’t tell, the guy with the weird pinkish skin on the left is the one I’m working on currently. He’ll be up and ready to go soon enough, and I’ll post a finished Slugger unit picture once I’ve finished. Irritatingly enough, the grenade my Trencher Commando (all the way on the right) is holding snapped off after I took this shot, so I’ll need to fix that at some point. Sigh, more work…

Anyway, I hope you liked this little update, and I’ll be back soon enough with more reviews and painted pieces. God’s blessings on your week!



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