The Raging Goblin Reviews #12

Welcome to the Raging Goblin Reviews, the segment where I look at some of my favorite hobby tools and products and review them for all you budding hobbyists and wargamers out there. Today’s review is a special three-parter, but all three models come from the same kit. If you’re playing Hordes, you’re going to need some warbeasts to bulk out your army and fuel the magic of your warlock. For the Trollbloods, they get some nasty warbeasts in the form of their feral cousins. You’ve already met Dozer and Smigg, now let’s meet the other Dire Trolls. In this three-part review, we’ll take a look at the Dire Troll Blitzer, Bomber, and Mauler.




You’ve probably noticed that all of these guys share the same body type and pose, which is one of the downsides of the kit. However, you get enough pieces in the kit to assemble one unique-looking warbeast, and there are enough options to mix up their looks and poses to keep them from getting boring. So, what do you get in the box? For this kit, you get quite a lot. You get:

  • 3 Heads
  • 1 Torso Front
  • 1 Armored Back
  • 1 Spiky Back
  • 1 Fang Sprue
  • 1 Fuse Sprue
  • 1 Waist and Right Leg
  • 1 Left Leg
  • 2 Bent Forearms
  • 1 Straight Forearm
  • 2 Open Hands
  • 2 Closed Hands
  • 2 Bomb-Holding Hands
  • 1 Torch Pyg
  • 1 Gunner Pyg
  • 1 Slugger Gun
  • 1 Slugger Ammo Belt
  • 1 Gunner Hands and Trigger
  • 3 Stat Cards

For $35, this kit is a huge deal for any newcomer, and allows you to get quickly into the game with one of three warbeasts, or all three if you’re one of those overachievers who magnetizes his kit to swap parts out to make whichever beast he wants. The assembly of the kit is relatively easy, the only tough part lining up the front and back of the torso. Everything else slots into place with some cleverly-designed slots to hide gaps, with the only fiddly bits being the tusks on the Mauler and Blitzer variants, and the Pyg crewmen on the Blitzer and Bomber variants. Other than that, the kit is brilliantly engineered, and hides all of the gaps between pieces to create the illusion of one solid piece.

In terms of details, there’s not a great amount of accessory detail like on my previously-reviewed Dozer and Smigg, mostly consisting of the manacles on the arms and neck, armor plates with padlock and key on the belt (for keeping the beasts chained down when not in battle), and an armored back plate for the ranged variants. Most of the detail is in the troll’s anatomy, with clearly-defined muscles, bone structure, and veins to create the look of a gigantic, raging beast. My favorite detail has to be in the beast’s heads, especially the snarling maw and squinted eyes of the Mauler. While you’re supposed to use the corresponding head with each variant, I think the Mauler head is my favorite, and looks great on something that’s supposed to be charging headfirst into battle. You get a bit of extra detail with the ranged variants in the form of a Pyg rider, but besides that the detail is a bit simplistic. Though, for a hulking, adrenaline-fueled monstrosity, do you really need that much detail?

For a kit like this, you not only have options in the style of your model, but in the playstyle of said model. You have three basic configurations, each playing into whatever play style it is you prefer. The Mauler is a basic melee beatstick, possessing two high-POW fists for smashing or throwing your opponents, and its animus gives it a boost to its STR, giving it the ability to even pummel a Khadoran warjack into scrap. It’s pretty self-sufficient, and its only true role is on the front lines to plow through infantry and strike at the heart of the enemy’s forces. On the other end of the spectrum you have the Bomber, which is a dedicated ranged beast. Its primary weapon is its black powder bombs, which have a decent POW for dinging up armored targets, and a small AOE for clearing out for infantry and lightly-armored solos. It does possess two decent claws with a good range, but these are better used as a backup weapon, in the event that the game comes down to a slugfest. The Bomber’s animus helps to augment its ranged capabilities. In MKII, it had Bomb Shelter, which made the target immune to blast damage, but it has been swapped for Far Hand, giving its bombs +4 inches of range and enabling it to hit targets further downfield. The Blitzer is a mixed bag, and can work as either a melee or a ranged beast, depending on the scenario. Its claws have a decent range and POW, exactly the same as that of the Bomber, but its Gunfighter and Dual Attack special rules allow it to use its Slugger gun in melee, effectively giving it between 3 and 5 attacks per activation without spending Fury. The range and good POW on the Slugger also make it an effective weapon at range, letting it mow down troops down the field or snipe solos. Its animus, Irresistible Force, is best used in melee, as it gives the beast Bulldoze, or the ability to shove intervening models out of the way when moving, giving it a good degree of mobility. All three dire trolls possess incredible durability in a couple of ways. They all possess solid DEF and ARM, enabling them to soak up a lot of damage. Like all troll warbeasts, they have the Regeneration rule, which lets them spend 1 Fury per activation to heal up to 3 damage points. Not enough to completely heal up the beast, but enough to regenerate a lost branch of its life spiral and keep it kicking. UNLIKE other troll warbeasts, Dire Trolls have the Snacking special rule. This means that if the troll kills a living enemy model with a melee attack, it can EAT it in order to heal up to three points of damage, and there is no limit to how many times it can eat. A heavily-wounded Dire Troll on a rampage can easily eat a whole infantry unit and get itself back to full health.

If you’re planning on running one of these guys in a game, you will need some good support alongside them, and there are a few units in particular that work well with a Dire Troll. Whelps are a no-brainer, as they are cheap, are easily spawned from wounded warbeasts, and work to either keep them healed or keep their fury down, as a Frenzying dire troll can wreak havoc on your forces. The newly-released Dhunian Knot also works well, and can keep your beasts further healed up. Some warcasters also like particular Dire Troll variants. Borka in particular likes the melee punch of the Mauler, while ranged ‘casters like Gunnbjorn and Grim Angus like the ranged capabilities of the Blitzer and Bomber. Ultimately it comes down to you, and which play style you prefer. Melee? Mauler. Ranged? Bomber. Mixed? Blitzer. It’s all the decision of you, the hobbyist and gamer.

So, what’s the verdict on this mighty monstrosity? From me, the multi-troll kit gets a 10/10. Detail-wise, it’s mostly organic with few other bits, but that works well with the nature of the creatures, and isn’t too intimidating to novice hobbyists. The assembly is straightforward with a bit of posability, so the kit is easy to put together, and even magnetize, making it good for both new and veteran hobbyists. On the tabletop, it’s a veritable Swiss Army knife, as you can customize the kit to fit whatever scenario you wish or match your preferred play style. The only downsides I can think of are that the kits are a bit lackluster in terms of extra detail and posing, and the beasts themselves are so straightforward that I really don’t need to go into excess detail about how to use them. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as simpler is sometimes better, and a dedicated melee beatstick is a bit more appealing than an incredibly complicated beast with a stack of rules as long as my arm. It’s your choice, but in my opinion, there’s always room in a Trollbloods army for one (or two) of these magnificent beasts.

Anyway, this has been the Raging Goblin’s review of the Trollbloods Dire Troll Mauler/Blitzer/Bomber Multi Kit. God’s blessings on your week, keep up with your hobbies, and stay green my friends!


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