The Raging Goblin Reviews #11

Welcome to the Raging Goblin Reviews, the segment where I look at some of my favorite hobby tools and products and review them for all you budding hobbyists and wargamers out there. Did you all think I’d given up on the trolls after all of these Cygnar reviews I’ve been doing? Far from it! To get back into Trolls, I thought I’d review a new acquisition of mine that fits into both of my armies, though I intend for him to be used alongside my Gunnbjorn-led troll forces. If it’s a machine that needs fixing or a skull that needs smashing, look no further than the Trollkin mercenary Raluk Moorclaw!


Raluk was introduced only recently, and is another of the IKRPG/Warmahordes crossover miniatures that I really like. He could serve as a character in one of your IKRPG campaigns, or if you play a Trollkin mechanik, you could use him to represent your character in the field. In the wargaming realm, Moorclaw is another great example of the “trencher troll” aesthetic I love so much, and with his design fits in well with a Trencher army or a Gunnbjorn-inspired troll army. He also boasts a great stack of rules that make him more than any normal field mechanik, and an incredible support solo in either Warmachine or Hordes.

Let’s start off with assembly and parts. Moorclaw comes in four pieces: head, torso, axe arm, and backpack, all made out of metal, and each slots into its correct slot on his body with really no effort, as opposed to the Trencher Chain Gun Crew I reviewed recently. The only trouble I had with him was a massive piece of sprue stuck to the front quill on his head, and I had to be very careful when cutting it off, lest I give Moorclaw an impromptu haircut. Since he is a troll, his pieces are much bigger and heavier, and you will need to hold them while the glue sets just to make sure everything holds in place securely. Fortunately, given the way he’s engineered, everything fits together securely, and you’ll have to look hard to find the gaps. He’s a bit bulkier and more challenging than your standard solo, but he won’t provide too much of a challenge for novices getting into the hobby.

Now onto my favorite part: the details. Given he’s a character, Moorclaw is absolutely packed with little details that set him apart as his own individual on the field. Despite being a mechanik, Moorclaw’s pose suggests that he’s ready to fire his slug gun at something that blundered into his way rather than trying to fix something. Like I said before, he continues the “trencher troll” aesthetic, and is covered in riveted armor, belts, and pouches that make him seem more like a proper soldier instead of a savage warrior. He even managed to work in a fur collar, either trying to invoke Borka Kegslayer or a WWII bomber jacket. His belt packs the most detail, and has a bandolier of shells for his gun on one side, and pouches for all of his individually-sculpted tools on the other side. Carrying on the “bomber” look, his goggles seem more like part of an aviator’s helmet than what your normal mechanik would wear, but it seems fitting for a man who prefers to break things than fix them. My favorite detail, although not visible from this angle, is a warjack arm and piston assembly strapped onto his back. Since Moorclaw is a mechanik and ‘jack marshal, it makes sense that he’d be carrying spare parts along with his tools, just in case he needed to do some field repairs on the warjack he brought along with him. I also happen to like the runestone hung around his neck on a piece of rope like a dog tag, something that I wish more trolls did to further their “trench fighter” aesthetic. Even though his assembly and part count are simple, the detail serves to set him apart as his own character. This is also a bit of an issue for novices, as it may be a little intimidating for someone who’s never painted a miniature before. If this is the case, I’d recommend starting with a simpler non-character model before moving up to something more advanced like Moorclaw.

On the tabletop, Moorclaw is a bit of an oddball, and can serve as either a melee beatstick or a master mechaik, depending on which role you need filled. Stat-wise, he’s a bit slow, as is the norm for trolls, but possesses an impressive STR value, as well as decent MAT and RAT values that ensure he’s going to hit whatever he aims at. He’s also got decent DEF and ARM that ensure he won’t be taken out by small arms fire,  but it’s still a good idea to run him a little farther back to make sure he doesn’t fall too early. For weapons, he’s got his trusty battle axe, which has a decent range and POW which will let him splatter lightly-armored targets, and his slug gun, which has a lousy range, but a massive POW that is good for putting holes in heavily-armored targets and warjacks/beasts. Coupled with his Assault ability, this lets Moorclaw inflict serious damage on whatever poor sap happens to get in his way. He also has the standard Trollkin Tough rule (yawn), but possesses the Jack Marshal rule, which lets him run mercenary warjacks (more thoughts on that later). For his special rules, he has Drive: Assault, which grants warjacks under his control Assault. Like the Cygnaran Field Mechaniks, he gained the Iron Sentinel rule, which grants him +2 DEF and ARM when he’s in B2B with a friendly warjack, bumping his ARM up over that of a heavy warjack, and making him nearly impossible to kill with a DEF value of 15. He kept his Repair rule, so he can fix up warjacks under his control, and he has the Mechanikally Adept rule, which means he can fix up both his warjacks, as well as units in the army he’s working for with the Construct rule. If you’re running warjack heavy, or if you have battle engines in your army like the Trollkin War Wagon or the Farrow Meat Thresher, Moorclaw can fix them up and keep them running. If you’re going to run Moorclaw as a jack marshal, there are a few in particular that work well with him.

  • Buccaneer: Assault works well for this light ‘jack, as it can throw its net to knock down an enemy target, and then charge in with an RNG-2 boosted spear. Great for knocking out support solos!
  • Mariner: Moorclaw can load its gun for it, and Assault gives it some nasty tricks. Laying down a 3″ AOE and charging in with a boosted Chain weapon can obliterate enemy shield walls, and clear charge lanes through massed troops.
  • Mule: The Mule is probably the best choice for Moorclaw for several reasons. Its gun possesses Arcing Fire and Critical Devastation, which lets it knock out and throw around enemy troops in its range, and a massive 4″ AOE and POW that will splatter whatever it hits. With Assault, it can obliterate foes with its steam lobber, knocking down whatever survives, and can then charge in with its RNG-2 POW-16 mace to squash whatever survived the initial onslaught. It’s final trick is its Tried and True ability, which boosts Moorclaw’s Repair abillity by allowing it to heal one additional point of damage per Repair action.
  • Rover: The Rover also posseses Tried and True, but has a shield to give it an additional +2 ARM, making it a better use for Moorclaw’s Iron Sentinel ability. Unfortunately, he lacks the extended range of the others’ weapons, and his gun isn’t as powerful as the Mule’s steam lobber. Still, if you need a bodyguard for Moorclaw, the Rover is a good option.

So, depending on what you need in your army, Moorclaw is a jack-of-all-trades. If you need another hard-hitting melee beatstick in your army, Moorclaw excels in putting very big holes in things. His ability to marshal a warjack can come in handy if you’re running him in Hordes, as the great power and range he gives to his warjacks can pulverize units dedicated to fighting warbeasts. When he’s run alongside minions or trolls, he can keep their battle engines fixed up and running, something not many units in Hordes are capable of doing. In my opinion, Moorclaw shines the best in Cygnar, as their lightly-armored warjacks are more prone to breaking down, he provides some decent melee punch in a ranged-heavy army, and he can keep a warcaster’s Squire fixed up. Of course, given that Moorclaw’s both a minion and a mercenary, the way you use him is up to you. That’s part of the great versatility of Warmahordes’ hired guns.

What then is the final verdict on Raluk Moorclaw, the Ironmonger? I give him a 9/10. His assembly is easy for beginners, and he possesses a decent amount of detail to provide a challenge for veterans. Once built and put on the tabletop, Moorclaw stands out as a great and unique character, and looks great alongside either a Trencher or Gunnbjorn-led military force. Add to that his stack of special rules, he’s a great support piece and standalone melee bruiser that is equally at home beating baddies and keeping your warjacks and battle engines up and running. If you’re not into the game, Moorclaw fits into any steampunk/WW1-themed army as an engineer or veteran soldier, and looks like he belongs keeping his army’s steam-driven robots running or on the front line caving enemy heads with his axe. If you’re running a Minion or Mercenary force, or need a multi-use support solo for your Cryx, Cygnar, Khador, or Trollbloods army, Raluk is the man, or troll, for the job. If you’re not a big fan of his looks, are a Retribution, Convergence, Menoth, Circle, Legion, or Skorne player, Moorclaw’s probably not for you, but there are plenty of other minions/mercenaries out there for you. After all, it’s your hobby, and you make the final decision when it comes to the men and women of your military force.

Anyway, this has been the Raging Goblin’s review of Raluk Moorclaw, the Ironmonger. God’s blessings on your week, keep up with your hobbies, and stay green my friends!


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