The Raging Goblin Paints #1: Troll Impaler

Hello everyone, and welcome to The Raging Goblin Paints, the segment where I show you the latest things I’ve been working on, both on and off the painting/building table. Today’s model is a Troll Impaler from the Trollbloods faction of Hordes.





I did warn you that if you were expecting professional work, you’d be sorely disappointed. But I’m still happy with my trolls, and I hope to show you the rest of my army soon. For those of you interested in what paints I used to make this guy, I used the colors typically used for painting Cadian Imperial Guardsmen:

  • Armor: Castellan Green/Athonian Camoshade/Loren Forest/Nurgling Green
  • Skin: Bugman’s Glow/Reikland Fleshshade/Cadian Fleshtone/Kislev Flesh
  • Khaki: Steel Legion Drab/Agrax Earthshade/Tallarn Sand
  • Metal: Leadbelcher/Agrax Earthshade/Runefang Silver
  • Spear Wrappings: Zandri Dust/Agrax Earthshade
  • Claws/Teeth: Zandri Dust/Agrax Earthshade/Ushabti Bone/Screaming Skull
  • Hair: Dryad Bark/Agrax Earthshade/Mournfang Brown
  • Leather: Mournfang Brown/Agrax Earthshade/Skrag Brown
  • Base: Stirland Mud
  • Eyes: Ulthuan Grey (whites)/Chaos Black (Pupil)
  • Wood: Dryad Bark/Agrax Earthshade

I realize this is pretty irregular for the blue-skinned savage trolls, but the blue skin never appealed to me, and I think the olive drab armor and khaki makes him look more like a member of a proper military force, as is befitting of a monster under the command of Captain Gunnbjorn. This is also the palette I’ll be using for the rest of my trollkin soldiers and warbeasts, as well as my Cygnaran models. Also, for a fun fact, this model was completed right before I left for my trip to Chile last year!

Anyway, this has been the Raging Goblin Paints. Keep up with your hobbies, God’s blessings on your week, and stay green my friends! See you all next time.



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