The Raging Goblin Reviews #5

Welcome to the Raging Goblin Reviews, the segment where I look at some of my favorite hobby tools and products and review them for all you budding hobbyists and wargamers out there. Two reviews back I looked at my go-to Trollblood warlock, Captain Gunnbjorn, but a warlock is only half of a proper battlegroup; he still needs his warbeasts to make him  a proper warlock. With that in mind, here comes Gunnbjorn’s special-issue warbeast. Batten down the hatches and dig in, because here’s Dozer and Smigg!


This gigantic hulk was released only recently as part of Privateer Press’ foray into resin models, and their work certainly shows. Unlike most of the kits I’ve reviewed already, Dozer and Smigg come with a lot more pieces to work with, so I thought I’d organize them so you’d see what you get. One box comes with:

  • Dozer Torso (resin)
  • Dozer Left Arm (resin)
  • Dozer Right Arm (resin)
  • Dozer Bombard (resin)
  • Dozer Knee Guards (metal)
  • Dozer Head (metal)
  • Dozer Teeth (metal)
  • Dozer Right Arm Fingers (metal)
  • Stowage Crates (metal)
  • Smigg Body (metal)
  • Smigg Arm and Trigger Assembly (metal)
  • Stat Card

It’s a lot of pieces, but they all fit together easily and don’t require much holding in place once they’re glued, though the metal parts still take a bit to ensure they fit properly. As one of Privateer Press’ first forays into resin and metal kits, Dozer and Smigg are packed with detail very evocative of a WW1-era tank. Dozer himself is covered head to toe in armor plates and stowage, including extra shells, ammo crates, rope, and miscellaneous bits like an axe, bedroll, and nondescript pouches and bags, probably belonging to Smigg. As for the Pygmy Troll Smigg, he looks EXACTLY like what would come to mind when you imagine a “trencher troll,” wearing a British WW1-styled uniform and backpack with entrenching tools. The team also has a nice and exciting dynamic pose, with Dozer either charging or lunging at a target while Smigg winds up to hit the Bombard’s firing pin and send a mortar shell into the enemy. If you’ve been building up an army using these Great War-styled trolls, or simply love a massive unit that incorporates mechanical detail with unbridled savagery, these guys are a must.

Now onto the rules segment of the program. Sharp-eyed readers will note that Dozer and Smigg are a character Dire Troll Blitzer, albeit one that’s exchanged its Slugger cannon for a Bombard ripped off of a Khadoran Destroyer. Stat-wise, these two share similar stats to a standard Blitzer with an extra point of RAT and ARM, making them a bit tougher and better at hitting their targets. Armament-wise, Dozer has two big fists with the same POW as a normal Blitzer, letting him crush infantry and solos and ding up warjacks and warbeasts, as well as chuck them across the battlefield with the Open Fist rule. As I mentioned before, the cannon on his back was torn off a Destroyer and has the exact same stats, with a small AOE and decent POW that can hurt heavily-armored units. The only problem is that this weapon also has the Inaccurate rule, giving the gun a -4 penalty on ranged attack rolls, which means unless you aim or use Dozer’s animus (more on that later), you’re not going to hit the broad side of a barn. For special rules, Dozer has both Gunfighter (can shoot while in melee) and Virtuoso (can make ranged and melee attacks in the same activation), making him able to lay down a small AOE to soften up his enemies before laying into them with his fists. Like all Troll warbeasts, he can Regenerate up to D3 points per activation, and also has the Snacking ability, so he can heal an extra D3 points of health for every living model he kills with a melee attack, making him terrifying against armies running a lot of infantry or warbeasts. What makes Dozer special are a couple unique rules:

  • Affinity (Gunnbjorn): When taken by Captain Gunnbjorn, Dozer and Smigg have boosted blast damage on attacks made with their bombard.
  • Veteran Leader (Blitzer): Friendly Dire Troll Blitzers gain +2 to their attack rolls while Dozer and Smigg are in their line of sight.
  • Bank Shot (animus): Target friendly faction model gains +2 to ranged AOE attack rolls, and the distance and/or direction of deviation can be rerolled.

These rules help Dozer overcome the Inaccurate penalty and hit targets more accurately, makes the bombard more devastating even if it misses, and turns Blitzers into solo-snipers with an effective RAT-10, so unless your target has Stealth, you’re going to kill it. The team also works well with Gunnbjorn, as his spell list makes them better at shooting, extends the range of their gun, and can even give them the Magical Weapon ability to lay waste to any Cryx forces.

Any downsides?…Well, there really aren’t any. True, on their own Dozer and Smigg aren’t that great despite being a stronger and more accurate Blitzer, but when taken with a ranged-focused warlock, especially Gunnbjorn, this monster becomes as devastating as the tank it resembles. Gunnbjorn is where they excel, but the Hunters Grim can give them Mage Sight to see through cloud effects with a feat that lets them fire a second time, and even Hoarluk Doomshaper can use his Goad ability to make them especially scary. Not to mention that Dozer and Smigg cost the same as a standard Blitzer with an additional RAT and ARM, which justifies the cost. Even model-wise, Dozer and Smigg is easy to assemble and has a lot of amazing details and a great pose, setting them apart as a unique centerpiece on the tabletop.

So, what’s the final verdict? I’m giving this gruesome twosome a 10/10. True, they’re not perfect and have the same melee game as an ordinary Blitzer, but with a Trollbloods gun line they become much more powerful and terrifying. And with Gunnbjorn, their tank-like appearance is justified when you take into account the devastation they can lay down with boosted ranged attack rolls and boosted blast damage, as well as Snipe to hit that slippery support solo all on the way on the other side of the field. Off the tabletop, Dozer is an amazing model, with relatively easy assembly and TONS of organic and mechanical detail, giving you the impression of a living war machine, a veteran fighting team, or just a troll cosplaying as a piece of military technology. If you’re building a ranged-heavy Trollblood army, or an army with a steampunk or WW1 theme, these guys are definitely for you. Of course, if you prefer the melee game or a different aesthetic, then I recommend giving them a pass. Dozer and Smigg can work well with more melee-oriented casters like Doomshaper, but their true place is in a ranged-heavy force.

Anyway, this has been the Raging Goblin’s review of the Trollbloods Character Warbeast, Dozer and Smigg. God’s blessings on your week, keep up with your hobbies, and stay green my friends!


One thought on “The Raging Goblin Reviews #5”

  1. Update: As of MKIII, Dozer and Smigg have gained a point of MAT, bringing their melee capability up to MAT-6, have gained a range of 1″ on Dozer’s big meat hooks, and the Bulldoze ability, which lets them shove enemy models out of the way when moving. Unfortunately, they have lost the Veteran Leader ability, which means friendly Blitzers no longer gain the RAT bonus from being around them.


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