I’m not dead!

Hello everyone!

For those who have been following my blog, don’t worry, I’m not dead and I’m still here. I have been very busy after my trip and haven’t had the time to update my blog like I used to. For those of you who are new to things, welcome to Kronos the Traveler, home of Kronos the traveler (yours truly), and also the home of The Raging Goblin Reviews and The Raging Goblin Paints. I’d also like to introduce a new section I will be doing called Kronos’ Greek for Beginners. In this 50-part series, I will be walking you through 50 simple lessons from the alphabet to simple sentences that will allow my readers to learn and translate Classical Greek. The following post will be coming up soon, so stay posted for more details. I’d also like to inform you that the serial novel has unfortunately fallen through, so I have decided to abandon that project for the time being, but I hope to return to it one day and give you all a great sci-fi/fantasy adventure to enjoy. Anyway, that’s all for now. Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming Kronos’ Greek for Beginners #1. God’s blessings on your week, and I’ll see you all soon!




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