Kronos apologizes

Hello everyone,

Don’t worry, though I have been gone for over a month, I am alive and well, and I have since returned from South America to the United States. For those of you who have been wondering “what happened to him?” I would like to explain and apologize. First of all, I was very busy during the last few weeks, especially because I now have a girlfriend (I will tell that story later) and spent more time doing homework and school activities than working on my blog. Secondly, two days before I was slated to finish up my program and return home, I was in the park after getting some lunch when I was deceived by a group of hooligans that swiped my backpack. They didn’t get anything important, i.e. my laptop, my passport, but they did get away with my notes from the trip, which means that I was unable to finish my blog with all of my travel notes on the other side of the country. Anyway, during the following days I will try to fill you in on the rest of my trip as I remember it and compare travel notes with my girlfriend. I am sorry for worrying you, and I will make sure to fill you all in on the rest of my adventures, as I still have many stories to tell. Anyway, I am sorry for causing you worry, and I will be back soon. Until next time, God bless and stay well.



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