Day 2

After sleeping like a rock for about 8 hours, I woke up at about 7:30 for Day 2, and it was certainly an adventure. The morning was rather uneventful, and Ernesto explained to us how the shower worked, so I was able to have a nice, warm shower in the morning. After a filling breakfast of hot ham-and-cheese sandwich and strawberry yogurt, Will, Matt and I walked to the bus stop and got on the bus to ride to school…except we got on the wrong bus and ended up five blocks from the school. Fortunately we weren’t too late, but we had to power walk/run the rest of the way, and arrived ten minutes after 9. At least our professor wasn’t too upset with us.

Class 1 was a rather interesting mix of topics. First, we finished up a vocabulary lesson from yesterday which was a collection of verbs, nouns, and adjectives related to travel, and after we finished, we read the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur in Spanish. Our homework that night was to read a story called “La casa de Asterion,” or ” The house of Asterion” in English, which was the myth of the Minotaur again, but this time it was from the perspective of the Minotaur. If you can find it on the Internet, I recommend reading it.

Lunch that day was rather interesting. My classmates and I walked with Professor Bases to a restaurant called “Los Bomberos” or “The Firefighters,” which was a buffet-style restaurant built in the basement of an old firehouse. It was a pretty cool experience; they had some old fire engines on display outside of the restaurant, and I had a lunch of spaghetti with meat-and-onion sauce, fruit salad, and Coke for a little over three USD.

After lunch, we returned to the school for Conversation Class, where we discussed the educational system in Chile and America. The lesson was very interesting, but also a little surprising and disturbing when we learned where the US ranked among the countries with the best educations. We can learn a lot from Finland’s educational system, I can definitely say.

When school ended, a group of my friends, Profe, and I went back to the market from Monday and looked at the bookstores again. We were out for maybe an hour or so, when Will and Matt wanted to walk back to the house to get changed for soccer later than night, and things started to get really crazy. After we walked home from the market, which took us about half an hour or so, I waited for Matt and Will to change, and after they finished, we decided to take the bus back to school for soccer because we were running late. Unfortunately, we took the wrong bus AGAIN, and ended up even further away from the school. We ran most of the way to the school, and when we got there, we found that we were too late and the others had already left for the park. THEN we had to get directions from one of the directors, walk the rest of the way to the park, and THEN play soccer. It was pretty fun to watch, but due to my inability to withdraw cash, I wasn’t able to pay the fee beforehand and couldn’t play. It was a good night all the same; Will and Matt scored a bunch of goals during the game, and I met a very nice and pretty girl from Canada named Laura who offered me her jacket because she thought I was cold (I could’ve toughed it out, but I said yes because I was cold, and I thought it was very nice of her and didn’t want to hurt her feelings).

The rest of the night was pretty low-key; we came back home after the game and had black bean soup, chicken with peas, and rice for dinner, and went to bed around 10:00 or so. The only unusual thing that happened was during our talk with Ernesto that night, Matt introduced him to VeggieTales, and more specifically “The Dance of the Cucumber.” Ernesto thought it was hilarious, but I had the song stuck in my head for the rest of the night. Ah, well. That about wraps it up for today. Stay tuned tomorrow for more! Until then, God bless, and stay well!



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